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quizballs 310 - free general knowledge quiz questions for trivia quizzes and pub quizzes


  1. Brazil's first ever football match as a national team was in 1914 at Laranjeiras stadium, Rio de Janeiro state, against: Argentina; USA; Prussia; or Exeter City?
  2. What is/are 'pince-nez': Cream and wine sauce; Ferry tug-boats; Armless spectacles; or Four-legged trousers for dogs?
  3. The Arabic term 'Al-jebr' (reunion of broken parts) is famously associated with: Disaster relief; TV news; Twin skyscrapers; or Algebra?
  4. The UHF wireless technology developed by Eriksson in 1994 for data transfer between devices in close proximity is: Silverlip; Bluetooth; Rednose; or Goldeye?
  5. What is the '1c Magenta', which (at $20m) became the most expensive man-made object ever in terms of weight to value?
  6. A circular partner-swapping ballroom dance, named after a 1700s maritime leader, is the: William Bligh; Paul Jones; Horatio Nelson; or James Hook?
  7. The Stone Age was roughly how many years ago: 4-5,000; 50-100,000; 500,000-1million; or 1-2m?
  8. Originally a French portmanteau word combining a shoe and boot, what means 'wilfully destroy'?
  9. What is the recurring number when two-thirds is expressed as a decimal?
  10. A lodestone (or loadstone, from old English meaning 'leading-stone' or 'way-stone') is a naturally occurring what?
  11. Which controversial Swiss sports head, accused of racism, sexism and corruption 1990s-2000s, was once president of the World Society of Friends of Suspenders, which advocated women should not replace stockings and suspenders with pantyhose?
  12. Bambino is the family trust of which controversial business mogul, subject to criminal proceedings in Germany 2014?
  13. Boundary-pushing Dutch media corporation Endemol sought participants in 2014 for a reality show requiring the group to: Marry each other; Marry animals; Have face transplants; or Live indefinitely on Mars?
  14. The volcano Olympic Mons, three times taller than Mount Everest, and the highest peak in the Solar System, is on: Mars; Jupiter; Earth; or the Moon?
  15. What abbreviated term refers to songs/music used in film, TV, adverts, games etc: Ac; Bac; Trac; or Sync?
  16. What authoritarian (usually military-political) leadership term takes its name from Latin 'to join'?
  17. What pollen-receiving part of a flower also refers to negative perceptions and also Christian imagery?
  18. Which famous sports-sponsoring organization has a winged hourglass logo, the oldest registered mark of its industry?
  19. In 2014 the European Union required member states to add what revenues to national economic reporting of GDP: Homemade cakes and jams/chutneys; Car-boot and rummage sales; Children's pocket money; or Drug dealing and prostitution?
  20. What word is punningly used to describe serious campers?


quizballs 310 - free general knowledge quiz answers for trivia quizzes and pub quizzes


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