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quizballs 309 - free general knowledge quiz - questions and answers for trivia quizzes and pub quizzes


  1. The Latin word for pig is: Swinus; Boarus; Porcus; or Oincus? Porcus
  2. What is five-eighths of sixteen? Ten (16 x 5 ÷ 8 = 10)
  3. A miasma is a: Deafening noise; Big crowd; Nasty smell; or Tiny fish-hook for catching prawns? Nasty smell
  4. What modern popular pet population originated entirely from single female found in Syria in 1930? Hamster (Golden hamster or Syrian hamster)
  5. 'Anima sana in corpore sano' (Latin for 'a healthy mind in a healthy body') is significant in which 1949-founded Japanese corporation's branding? ASICS (famous for running shoes and and other sports footwear - the name is an acronym from the phrase)
  6. To which major biblical event did the 'burning bush' direct Moses? The Sermon on the Mount; The Ten Commandments; Jesus' birth; or Noah's Ark? The Ten Commandments
  7. A naval orange is named after: Harvest festivals in church naves; Sailors ate them to combat scurvy; Navajo native American Indians grew them; or They have a 'belly-button'? They have a 'belly-button' (and baby orange inside - in fact British sailors in the 1800s were given lemons, later limes, to combat scurvy - hence the old nickname 'limey' for a British person)
  8. What two-word slang is an open quarry, secondary glassblowing furnace, dam/reservoir spillway, and a small opening in a wall for anonymous sexual cooperation either side? Glory hole
  9. In many Asian/Eastern beliefs 'Naraka' is what? Hell (or equivalent)
  10. The obsequious "ever so 'umble" money-lender in Charles Dickens' novel David Copperfield, is: Wishbone Ash; Uriah Heep; Pink Floyd; or Axl Rose? Uriah Heep (which has become a term for a creep or 'yes man')
  11. In 2014, Illinois University research found higher casualty rates from female-named (what?) due to victims' complacency, compared to having higher perceived fear of male names: Volcanoes; Mountains; Hurricanes; or Pet snakes? Hurricanes (which are named alternately male and female)
  12. Unusually for a whale, the Arctic Ocean narwhal (or narwhale) possesses: Fur; One long straight spiral tusk; An extra brain in its tail; or Eyebrows? One long straight spiral tusk (common in males - actually an overgrown tooth, technically a tusk, grow to more than three metres long)
  13. Originating in Turkish cuisine terminology the 'shish' in a shish kebab refers to? Lamb; Skewer; Spice; or the 'Sizzle' sound? Skewer (from Turkish 'sis', skewer)
  14. What historical region equating to NE Germany and N Poland, meaning 'by the coast', gave its name to local breeds of modern dog, goose and sheep? Pomerania (hence Pomeranian - Pomerania 'by the coast' refers to the south coast of the Baltic Sea)
  15. Phobos and Deimos, the two moons of Mars, mean (and represent in Greek mythology): Light and Dark; Sound and Vision; Fear and Terror; or Guns and Roses? Fear and Terror (named after the twin sons of Greek god Ares, equivalent of Roman Mars god of war)
  16. Cumulus humilis is commonly described as: Fair weather cloud; Storm cloud; Sandstorm; or Fog? Fair weather cloud
  17. Egg corn, Oronym, Mondegreen, Dogberryism, and Malapropism are types of: Cattle diseases; Political ideologies; Language puns; or North Atlantic weather effects? Language puns (see puns and double meanings)
  18. The convincing diamond substitute Zircon (zirconium silicate) is: From sea shell; Naturally occurring in rock; Made in a laboratory; or Waste from the double-glazing industry? Naturally occurring in rock
  19. Who wrote 'This be the Verse', starting famously "They f*** you up, your Mum and Dad, They may not mean to, but they do...": Philip Larkin; Lord Byron; Mark Twain; or Jane Austen? Philip Larkin (see This be the Verse by Philip Larkin)
  20. Re-arrange these five legally established national sports to the correct nations: Ice hockey - Sri Lanka; Tejo - Canada; Volleyball - Colombia; Sloop sailing - Iran; Wrestling - Bahamas? Ice hockey - Canada; Tejo - Colombia; Volleyball - Sri Lanka; Sloop sailing - Bahamas; Wrestling - Iran


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