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quizballs 308 - free general knowledge quiz questions for trivia quizzes and pub quizzes


  1. A fabled medieval torture instrument is a: Metallica; Thin Lizzy; Iron Maiden; Twisted Sister; Black Sabbath; or Led Zeppelin?
  2. What famous suncream is named after a mountain in Switzerland?
  3. The hot condiment wasabi is generally from what part of the plant: Seeds; Stem juice; Fruit; or Root?
  4. A foundry is specifically involved in what metal process: Casting; Pressing; Refining; or Cutting and drilling?
  5. The Taj Mahal in India was constructed as a: Home; Tomb; Mosque; or Bank?
  6. Which nation has the highest European capital city, (whose names are practically the same)?
  7. Perfidia, Desifinado, Mas Que Nada, and Bim-Bom are famous Latin-American: Political parties; Flowering plants; Jazz songs; or Horse sports?
  8. The most popular 20th-century Indian car and famous taxi, based virtually unchanged from 1958-2014 on a 1950s Morris Oxford, is the: Ambassador; Maharajah; Sultan; or Tzar?
  9. Name the iconic and highest ranking military leader to be killed in the first world war?
  10. Shower, Fountain, Cascade, Columns, and Mills Mess are: Wrought-iron gate designs; Juggling moves; Dubai shopping malls; or Ann Summers products?
  11. Kremlin in Russia technically means: Library; Fortress; Government; or Kitchen?
  12. Sipe, bead, wear bar and rain groove are found on what billions-selling friction-reducing item, devised in the 1880s?
  13. Bungo, Mungo, Laura Grubb and Belladonna Took are which leading literary character's ancestors?
  14. When testing his sound equipment inventions, including the first ever recording (on phonograph cylinder in 1878), Thomas Edison often recited: The Lord's Prayer; Mary Had A Little Lamb; Testing Testing One Two Three; or My Old Man's A Dustman?
  15. What famous alcoholic additive from Trinidad and Tobago, invented by German Dr Johann Siegertin, in Venezuela c.1920, has a characteristic oversized label?
  16. Holloware (or hollow ware) is generally used in: Window-dressing; Catering; Sanitation and plumbing; or Optometry?
  17. In May 2014 two Yorkshiremen (designer and rider) set a new world speed record of 70.9mph for a 'manned' motorized: Skateboard; Tea-trolley; Toilet; or Wheelchair?
  18. Narendra Modi achieved what notable title in May 2014: Prime Minister of India; World Squash Champion; Nobel Literature Prizewinner; or Eurovision Song Contest Winner?
  19. What highly stigmatized human disease is alternatively named after Norwegian physicist GH Armauer Hansen, who in 1873 discovered its causal bacterium?
  20. Spork, Spife, Knork, and Sporf are: Smurf characters; East European sausages; Moons of Jupiter; or Cutlery hybrids?


quizballs 308 - free general knowledge quiz answers for trivia quizzes and pub quizzes


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