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quizballs 306 - free general knowledge quiz - questions and answers for trivia quizzes and pub quizzes


  1. Danish researchers proved in 2014 that a major cause of reduced sperm-count in modern men is: Smoked bacon/fish; Household chemicals; Shaving; or Masturbation? Household chemicals (from a Copenhagen University Hospital study - hitherto there was no proven explanation for reduced sperm count/fertility in modern males)
  2. Since Roman times wine barrels are most commonly made from: Willow; Oak; Beech; or Spruce? Oak
  3. The East India Company, notable for exploiting India for Britain in the 17th-19th centuries, originated what profession/term: Chartered Surveyor; Chartered Accountant; Civil Servant; or Librarian? Civil Servant (the East India Company established a college in the early 1800s to develop and qualify adminstrative managers for its activities in India; the qualification and responsibilities were defined as 'civil service')
  4. The human body's axilla or oxter is more commonly called the Elbow; Armpit; Upper jaw; or Eyelid? Armpit (or underarm)
  5. The Nazi exclamation 'Sieg heil' means: Hail victory; Power to the people; Praise God; or It is written? Hail victory (literally 'victory hail')
  6. What tree and its resin, whose name derives from Greek meaning 'chew', inspired the development of of chewing gum and various industrial sealants? Mastic (the mastic tree, Pistacia lentiscus - the word mastic is likely derived from Greek mastikhan, meaning masticate, i.e., chew)
  7. What word prefixes the following to make four new words: Age; Date; Drill, Go? Man
  8. Bush, Standard, Pyramid, Spindlebush, Cordon, Fan, Espalier, and Step-over espalier are technical formats in: Equestrian dressage; Circus acrobatics; Town planning and street-furniture; or Fruit farming? Fruit farming (they are shapes of trees, achieved via pruning and training, to optimize production and picking)
  9. In music the relative minor chord to E major is: Aminor; C#minor; Eminor; or Kminor? C#minor
  10. Technically the male and female polar bear are called: Cock and Hen; Boar and Sow; Bull and Cow; or Buck and Doe? Boar and Sow (bonus point: What is a baby polar bear called? Cub not piglet..)
  11. A pyranometer and a pyrheliometer are different instruments for measuring what natural phenomenon? Sunlight (or an equivalent term such as solar radiation)
  12. What is a fifth of a half? A tenth (or 1/10, or 0.1 - to calculate fractions of fractions, multiply the top digits [i.e., 1 x 1 = 1] and then the bottom digits [i.e., 5 x 2 = 10] to give 1/10 - the calculation may be easier to understand as 'half of a fifth')
  13. Pravachol, Lipitor, Mevacor, Altocor, and Zocor are brands of what $multi-billion cholesterol controlling drug, ultimately named after Greek meaning 'causing to stand'? Statin (as in 'stat' of static, stationary, etc., referring to a controlled state)
  14. Copacabana district/beach in Brazil's Rio de Janeiro is named after a: Fertility dance; Bolivian virgin saint; Palm tree fruit; or Nightclub? Bolivian virgin saint (Virgen de Copacabana - the patron saint of Bolivia - the first-named town of Copacabana is in Bolivia, on a peninsula in Lake Titicaca - the origins of the word copacabana are uncertain, perhaps from 'Kotakawana', the ancient Andean god of fertility)
  15. The occupational surname Chamberlain originally referred to a: Bed-maker; Household manager; Toilet-cleaner; or Executioner? Household manager (of a monarch or noble)
  16. Siena/sienna, ochre and umber are shades of: Brown; Grey; Green; or Gold? Brown
  17. What human liquid is 99.5% water, and 0.5% electrolytes, mucus, glycoproteins, enzymes, and antibacterial compounds such as IgA and lysozyme? Blood; Sweat; Tears; or Saliva? Saliva
  18. 'The Four Humours' ancient concept of personality asserted what 'mood' is produced by phlegm in the body: Cheerfulness; Calmness; Enthusiasm; or Somberness? Calmness (see The Four Humours)
  19. Which letter appears in various alphabets in the traditional Wikipedia globe logo? W
  20. Casement, awning and hopper refer respectively to which three different hinge positions of what (four answers required)? Side, Top and Bottom hinges of Windows


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