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quizballs 305 - free general knowledge quiz - questions and answers for trivia quizzes and pub quizzes

  1. What is a quarter of three-quarters? Three sixteenths (or 0.1875 - to calculate fractions of fractions, multiply the top digits [i.e., 1 x 3 = 3] and then the bottom digits [i.e., 4 x 4 = 16] to give 3/16ths )
  2. Technically the avocado ('fruit' of the avocado tree) is a: Berry; Tuba; Nut; or Fungus? Berry
  3. From the Greek root word for a pointed pillar, what is the technical term for the division sign ( ÷ ) ? Obelus (from the ancient Greek root word equating to obelisk)
  4. Which occupation traditionally used 'walla' (in the US), 'rhubarb' (UK), and 'gaya' (Japan)? Actor (the words uttered randomly by a group to create the background murmur of a crowd)
  5. The medical vasodilatory compound and recreational drug C5H11ONO is more commonly known as: Crack cocaine; LSD; Amyl nitrite; or Speed? Amyl Nitrite
  6. SS Ancon was the first ship to navigate what single-vowelled passage on 15 August 1914? Panama Canal
  7. Crepuscular creatures are mainly active in: Sunlight; Moonlight; Twilight; or Darkness? Twilight (dawn or dusk - from Latin crepusculum, twilight)
  8. A low-cost 'ratoon' crop (for example of sugar-cane or rice) grows from/on: Windblown seeds; Stubble after cropping; Flooded land; or Astroturf? Stubble after cropping ('ratoon' is from old Spanish retono, sprout)
  9. The two traditional symbols used to indicate treble and bass clefs in musical notation are respectively based on: G and F; P and L; T and B; S and E? G and F
  10. What high quality gravity/capillary-fed implement was traditionally ruby-tipped gold, and is nowadays usually iridium-tipped stainless-steel? Fountain pen
  11. The first almanacs, made in Babylon/Iraq c.750BC, originally listed: Important people; Recipes; Prayers; or Planetary movements? Planetary movements
  12. What common mineral's name (technically silica or SiO2) derives from old Polish-German 'kwardy', meaning 'hard'? Quartz
  13. AgustaWestland, Bell, Oboronprom and Sikorsky are notable makers of: Solar panels; Helicopters; Telecomms systems; or Nuclear reactors? Helicopters
  14. The particle physics unit of reactionary particle decay is: Strangeness; Weirdness; Oddness; or Bafflement? Strangeness
  15. What product 'brand' from the Gamay is traditionally released the third Thursday of November each year? Beaujolais Nouveau (French wine from the gamay grape and Beaujolais region)
  16. The German Bauhaus institution famously combined building design with: Gardens; Artworks; Energy systems; or Water? Artworks
  17. Analepsis is more commonly known as a what in a play/story/film: Credits; Flashback; Sex scene; or Intermission? Flashback
  18. What invention of the Greenland Inuit is also derogatory slang for an outdoor hobbyist who observes or collects things? Anorak (anoraq in Greenland Kalaallisut language)
  19. Baroque (a dramatic heavily detailed style of art form) began in: 500BC Athens; 1200s Paris; 1600s Rome; or 1800s Rio de Janeiro? 1600s Rome
  20. A thin middle section of a wooden chair-back, particularly old and carved, is called a: Spit; Splint; Sprout; or Splat? Splat (an old-English, meaning 'split up')


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