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quizballs 304 - free general knowledge quiz questions for trivia quizzes and pub quizzes


  1. What is two-thirds of three-quarters?
  2. Stadium, French's, Händlmaier, and Maille make what, commonly from the Sinapis alba and Brassica juncea plants?
  3. The creamy cherimoya/chirimoya fruit with a soft cactus-like skin is also known as the '(what?) apple': Honey; Custard; Butter; or Sugar?
  4. The official Astronomical length of a ('Julian') year is how many days: 365; 366; 365.5; or 365.25?
  5. The ancient Greek portmanteau word 'necropolis' refers to: Public baths; Cemetery; Police station; or Ice-cream?
  6. The abbreviation OIEO in small private advertisements means what?
  7. Anaximander (c.600-550BC), Tabula Rogeriana (1154), Waldseemüller (1507) and Mercator (1569) are notable: Bible translations; World maps; Calendars; or Taxonomies of organisms?
  8. Which major African institution has the website www.cbn.gov.ng?
  9. In which competitive activity did the WBF strip its 2013 Bali World Championship from two German doctors for coded coughing?
  10. Everlast, Winning, and Grant are famous equipment brands for: Angling; Ice-skating; Boxing; or Scuba-diving?
  11. What medieval defensive feature is named from the French for sliding door?
  12. What weighs approximately 2.7 x 10-23 grams (that's 2.7 multiplied by 10 to the power of minus 23, or more simply 0.000000000000000000000027gms): A breath of fresh air; A handclap; An atom of oxygen; or a Fly's eyelash?
  13. Agulhas, Kuroshio, Benguela, Canary and Humboldt are: Salads; Ocean currents; Architects; or Fashion houses?
  14. A 'strawberry nevus' is a: Cocktail drink; Benign skin-growth; or Tropical algae bloom; or Cheerleader stunt move?
  15. The old trades: tanner, currier, cordwainer, and girdler worked primarily with: Wax; Leather; Copper; or Stone?
  16. The ancient symbol the fylfot, is more controversially commonly known as (what?), derived from Sanskrit 'wellbeing', from 'su' (good) and 'asti' (being)?
  17. Most commonly how many bits are in a byte, and how many bytes are in a kilobyte (two answers required): 10 and 1,000; 1,000 and 1,000; 10 and 100; or 8 and 1,024?
  18. What word suffixes the following words to make five new words: Rasp; Whortle; Goose; Blue; and Straw?
  19. A 'tell' refers to a clue in which activity, which in turn refers metaphorically to an intentionally blank facial expression?
  20. 30 St Mary Axe is better known as The: Bird's Nest; Gherkin; Calabash; or Beehive? - three bonus points: in which cities are the others?


quizballs 304 - free general knowledge quiz answers for trivia quizzes and pub quizzes


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