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quizballs 302 - free general knowledge quiz questions for trivia quizzes and pub quizzes


  1. In which activity were hickory and persimmon replaced by graphite and titanium?
  2. What is the technical genus category of lemons, oranges, limes?
  3. 'Simnel' refers to a traditional Easter (what?), originating in medieval England: Cake; Turkey; Flower garland; or Soup?
  4. A large Tibetan leonine (lion-like) species bought in China for 12million yuan (£1.2m) in 2014 became the world's most expensive: Cat; Dog; Parrot; or Pig?
  5. A codicil is a supplementary text which alters what sort of legal document?
  6. Introduced in 1954, a willibecher is a standard what in Germany: Beer glass; Sausage; Paving slab; or Newspaper format?
  7. What word has noun/verb meanings for an island, a promontory, wine, organic soil, thinking, and a fabric used in bookbinding?
  8. A fourteen year ban (for mental health reasons) on what was lifted, experimentally, by China in 2014: Tequila; Wrestling; Gaming consoles; or Eastenders (the UK TV soap)?
  9. Flemington, Greyville, and Longchamp are associated with what, respectively in Australia, South Africa, and France?
  10. Popular in Indian subcontinental cuisine, gram flour is made from: Rice; Lentils; Chickpeas; or Termites?
  11. The official logos for organic product certification in the EU, Japan, Australia and Canada all feature a: Flower; Leaf; Sun; or Bee?
  12. German physician Franz Mesmer's (1734-1815) 'animal magnetism' theory is considered foundational in the development of: Yoga; Hypnosis; Body-building; or Lion-taming?
  13. Which understated northern European nation grew to become by the early 2000s the fourth richest globally due largely to prudent treatment of oil revenues?
  14. What original Mrs Beeton sandwich filling did the Royal Society of Chemistry propose in 2014 as the most economically enjoyable: Bacon; Grass; Sugar; or Toast?
  15. A 'frontispiece' is traditionally at the beginning of a: Book; Opera; Staircase/escalator; or Pantomime horse?
  16. Derived from ecclesiastical Latin, the term genuflexion/genuflection refers to bending which part of the body: Elbow; Knee; Finger; or Wrist?
  17. A cloche hat is (what?)-shaped?: Pillbox; Bell; Cone; or Banana?
  18. 'The Old Lady of Threadneedle Street' is a nickname for: The Eiffel Tower; The Empire State Building; The Bank of England; or Sydney Opera House?
  19. What popular East Asian food means 'bean curdled': Tofu; Paneer; Dim sum; or Shiitake?
  20. Match these US cities and their 'Big' nicknames: Big... Orange; Easy; Guava; Apple, Tomato; Pineapple - New Orleans, Honolulu; New York; Sacramento; Los Angeles; Tampa?


quizballs 302 - free general knowledge quiz answers for trivia quizzes and pub quizzes


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