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quizballs 300 - free general knowledge quiz - questions and answers for trivia quizzes and pub quizzes


  1. What is the square root of a quarter? A Half (or 0.5, i.e., 0.5 x 0.5 = 0.25)
  2. The famous 'Tu-whit; Tu-whoo' call of the Eurasian Tawny/Brown Owl of is made by: Males only; Females only; Both; or Female (Tu-whit) then Male (Tu-Whoo)? Female (Tu-whit) then Male (Tu-Whoo)
  3. Which world cup winner became father to the 16th in line to the British throne in Jan 2014? Mike Tindall (England rugby centre, 2003 world cup winner, married to Zara Phillips, daughter of Princess Anne - their daughter is Mia Grace Tindall)
  4. What big-grossing 2007 film, styled like its 1990s comic book series, having a sequel 'Rise of an Empire', fictionalized the Battle of Thermopylae in the Persian Wars? 300 (according to Herodotus, 300 Spartans resisted a million invading Persians in the Battle of Thermopylae)
  5. What did Cambridge City Council ban from its street signs in 2014, and subsequently reinstate after mockery/protest: Pointing fingers; Abbreviations; Apostrophes; or 'Oxford'? Apostrophes
  6. What word meaning 'across' prefixes the following to make six new words: mission, parent, script, late, fix and fuse? Trans
  7. At 2014 how many years ago was the year MDCCXIV? 300
  8. According to a 2014 Time Magazine report what 'fingered' chocolate confectionery bar became the first to be sold in every market of the world? KitKat
  9. The silk thread of a silkworm cocoon can be up to how many meteres long: 9; 90; 900; or 9,000? 900 (diameter c.10 micrometres or 1/2,500th inch - about 2-3,000 cocoons make a pound of silk) 
  10. The Weber and Tesla (standard international) measurement units apply to: Magnetism; Sound; Rigidity; or Sweetness? Magnetism
  11. What is the maximum 'perfect' score in ten-pin bowling by rolling 'strikes' in all ten frames? 300
  12. What alliterative and reduplicative term for cheap ornaments, as in rummage sales and charity shops, is from old French meaning 'at random'? Bric a brac
  13. Yuma in Arizona is considered the world's most (what?) place: Humid; Hot; Dry; or Sunny? Sunny? Sunny (on average about 4,000 hours of sunshine per year of a potential maximum 4,456 hours)
  14. The typical maximum permissable velocity of a paintball pellet is how many feet per second: 50; 300; 1,000; or 3,000? 300
  15. What colour/color prefixes the following in the names of five what? (two answers required, the colour/color and the creature): bill, hammer, legs, throat, and head? Yellow and Bird
  16. Xmas as an alternative to Christmas derives from: Atheism/secularization; Greek X meaning Christ; X meaning love/kiss; or Typographical error in early bibles? Greek X meaning Christ (the Greek letter X [chi, pronounced 'Kh'] has for more than 1,000 years been an abbreviation of Christ, i.e., Khristos - Xmas entered English language around 1500)
  17. Which real music-related town has according to legend hosted King Arthur and Guinevere in death, Lancelot in penance, the Holy Grail in hiding? Glastonbury (Somerset, UK)
  18. What is the the sum of ten consecutive prime numbers starting with 13? 300 (13+17+19+23+29+31+37+41+43+47=300)
  19. The prefix tacho specifically refers to: Speed; Time; Weight; or Light? Speed (from Greek takhus, swift)
  20. Yahrzeit is a (what?) in Jewish culture: Minced meat; Ball-game played with the knees; Wet summer; or Anniversay? Anniversary (specifically of a parent's demise)
  21. Which city's airport became the busiest for international passengers in 2014, overtaking London's Heathrow: Amsterdam; Frankfurt; Dubai; or Atlanta? Dubai
  22. What 'oronymic' word is a killing and also male mirth? Manslaughter (Man's Laughter - an oronym is a word/phrase which can be interpreted as different words by altering word-breaks or junctures)
  23. Which of these football games has the longest maximum pitch dimensions: American, Rugby Union, Association (Soccer), or Australian? Australian
  24. Meaning diligence, spell: Concientousness; Concientiousness; Concienciousness; or Conscientiousness? Conscientiousness
  25. What religion is represented by the 'Om' symbol (ॐ and bigger below)? Hinduism (it refers to the first sound ever, and the Hindu sense of god)


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