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quizballs 298 - free general knowledge quiz - questions and answers for trivia quizzes and pub quizzes


  1. 24 Sussex Drive, and Harrington Lake in Gatineau Park are the official prime ministerial residences of which nation? Canada
  2. An electronic signal/echo test and a famous golf brand is: Ping; Wing; Ding; or Bling? Ping
  3. In March 2014 the EU Parliament voted for what single European standard by 2017: Mobile-cell-phone chargers; Car indicator frequency; Stiletto heel maximum height; or Buck's Fizz recipe? Mobile/cell-phone chargers
  4. What is the acronym referring to a scale of readiness in the US military, derived from 'defense readiness condition'? DEFCON
  5. Like the mid 1900s 'thrupney bit', the proposed new British one pound coin revealed in 2014 has how many sides, excluding its two main faces: Five; Seven; Ten; or Twelve? Twelve
  6. Loosely translating as 'volchiy bilet', what Russian slang term refers to a personal document which restricts the owner's rights or movement: Dog tag; Wolf ticket; Cow paper; or Cat flap? Wolf ticket
  7. Which timeless rocker and cameo pirate co-authored a 2014 children's book with his daughter called: 'Gus and me - the story of my Granddad and my first guitar'? Keith Richards
  8. A 2014 UK Newcastle University study found what weekly payment incentive was required to double the success rate of people wanting to quit smoking: £12.50; £25; £125; or £250? £12.50
  9. Which modern-day item of clothing was worn at and named after the 1853-56 Crimean War battle/town, part of Sevastopol since 1957? Balaclava (after Balaklava - the site of the Charge of the Light Brigade)
  10. The word gladiator derives from the Latin/Roman word for: Pleated skirt; Sword; Happy; or Flower? Sword (from 'gladius', sword, which is also the origin of the plant name gladiolus/gladioli because its leaves are sword-shaped)
  11. What was Tesco planning to advertise nationally in 2014 until forced to cancel the campaign because the adverts featured beef cattle? Milk
  12. In 2014 the British government reversed laws to report and eradicate which naturalized North American species, due to the aims being hopeless? Grey squirrel
  13. '(What creature?) Day' is celebrated in the US on 2 Feb 2014, whose traditions pre-date the so-named film by at least 150 years? Groundhog Day
  14. What is the German brewery whose name means 'Lion's brew'? Löwenbräu
  15. Spell the Russian host city of the 2014 Winter Olympics: Soczi; Sozche; Sochi; or Czotzscei? Sochi
  16. According to a study of international Wikipedia articles who did Massachusetts Institute of Technology judge the most famous person of all time (at 2014): Aristotle; Mahatma Gandhi; Diana Princess of Wales; or David Beckham? Aristotle
  17. In the 21st century the actual risk of death from flying by plane is roughly one in: 3,000; 30,000; 300,000; or 3 Million? One in 3 Million (or three million to one against - in the 1970s it was about ten times greater, about one in 300,000)
  18. Clarence Darrow (1857-1938), fictionalized by Tracey, Spacey, and Fonda among others, was a famous American libertarian and: Artist; Lawyer; Footballer; or President? Lawyer
  19. The earliest known fragment of Earth's crust (at 2014), a Zircon crystal from Western Australia is how many years old: 4.4m; 44m; 440m; or 4.4bn? 4.4billion years
  20. What famous annual 'Roman numeralled' sporting event is an oronym for an 'impressive night bird'? Super Bowl (Superb Owl)


quizballs 298 - free general knowledge quiz questions only for trivia quizzes and pub quizzes


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