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quizballs 297 - free general knowledge quiz - questions and answers for trivia quizzes and pub quizzes


  1. A 46-year-old British woman made the news in 2014 when in Croatia she was married to her: Girlfriend; Sister; Dog; or Piano? Dog
  2. VK (VKontakte), QZone, Orkut, and XING are (at 2014) international competitors of: Walmart; Santander; Facebook; or Manchester United? Facebook (they are social networking websites)
  3. Name the two vast Irish and US banana corporations which proposed a merger in 2014? Fyffes and Chiquita
  4. What famous abbreviated invention did author (of The Hitchhiker's Guide to the Galaxy) Douglas Adams mock for taking longer to say than what the abbreviation stands for? www (or World Wide Web)
  5. The 'light-interfering microstructured' wings of Blue Morpho butterflies have since Victorian times been used to make: High-performance optics; Jewellery/Jewelry; Face-cream; or Aviation parts? Jewellery/Jewelry (bright blue usually, with an iridescent reflective quality like soap bubbles and mother of pearl)
  6. Which city in Brazil has (early-2000s) the longest beach garden in the world, the busiest container port in Latin America, and Pele's football club? Santos
  7. An enligtening paradoxical anecdote with no solution, used in Zen Buddhism, illustrating shortcomings of logical reasoning is a: Koan; Kanshi; Waka; or Jian'an? Koan (Japanese meaning 'matter for public thought' from Chinese 'gongan', official business)
  8. Name the an iconic Irish-Australian outlaw typically depicted wearing metal helmet and body armour? Ned Kelly (Edward 'Ned' Kelly, 1854/5-1880)
  9. In calculating the tax-exclusive component of a total which includes 20% tax you should multiply the tax-inclusive amount by: 80%; .8333; .1667; or 0.25? .8333 (multiplying by .1667 gives the 20% tax component)
  10. The region of Baltistan (also called Baltiyul) in the Karakoram mountains, south of K2, the world's second highest mountain, is in: Pakistan; India; Russia; or China? Pakistan (the region is home to the Balti people, of Tibetan-Chinese descent - the curry and wok-like cooking pan called a balti was popularized in the UK West Midlands, Birmingham, and not reliably proven to have originated in Baltistan)
  11. What AA Milne children's book character is used as a metaphor in referring to someone who is pessimistic and gloomy? Eeyore (the donkey in Winnie-the-Pooh)
  12. From early Greek 'authentes', lord or master, what titular term in Arab and east Mediterranean nations refers to a man of educated or high social standing? Effendi (or efendi or effendy)
  13. What sort of snake is named after a huge serpent killed by Apollo? Python (Apollo killed the 'Puthon' serpent)
  14. Which modern popular low-shedding canine portmanteau crossbreed was popularized in the late 1980s for its low-allergen qualities by Australia's Royal Guide Dog Association? Labradoodle (a cross between a labrador and poodle - poodles shed their fur a lot less than labradors and most other dogs)
  15. The Christian bacronym word Ichthus (Iesous Christos, Theou Uios Soter - Jesus Christ, Son of God, Saviour) primarily refers to the religious symbol of a: Loaf of bread; Donkey; Fish; or Jug of wine? Fish (from Greek ikhthus, fish)
  16. What is the currency of Iceland? Króna (technically the Icelandic króna - it means crown)
  17. Huqiu, Tianchi, Pouchong, Longjing and Songluo are Chinese: Dynasties; Temples; Teas; or Footwear? Teas
  18. The stylus of a late 1900s-type record player which follows the groove of a vinyl disc is traditionally made of: Gold/Silver; Steel; Diamond/Sapphire; or Ebony/Ivory? Diamond/Sapphire
  19. The Koa tree (Acacia Koa) is native and popular in which island group: Hawaii; Philippines; Fiji; or Canaries? Hawaii
  20. The high-kicking Parisian music-hall dance, the cancan, is named after which creature? Duck (canard, duck, from the earlier French onomatopoeic term caner, to quack)


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