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quizballs 296 - free nicknames, expressions, figures of speech quiz - questions and answers for trivia quizzes and pub quizzes


  1. Someone of stubbornly set ways is said to be 'Dyed in the (What?)': Wool; Cotton; Silk; or Hair? Wool
  2. What creature is said to be in what sort of premises as a metaphor for someone behaving chaotically disruptively/destructively? Bull; Bear; Elephant; or Tiger; in a: Glass factory; China shop; Pet store; or Maternity unit? Bull in a China shop
  3. To very quickly dismiss someone's request or suggestion is to give him/her 'Short (What?)': Lift; Drift; Shift; or Shrift? Shrift (shrift is an old English word for confession or penance)
  4. A sudden life-changing revelation, derived from St Paul's (Saul's) biblical mid-journey vision of God, is called the Road to (Where?): Bethlehem; Jerusalem; Damascus; or Ruin? Damascus
  5. To undertake a task or consume something fully and completely (when there might seem an option not to) is called 'Going the whole (What?): Horse; Hog; Hippo; or Herring? Hog
  6. To celebrate extravagantly (usually loudly and drunkenly) in town/city bars, clubs, etc., is called to 'Paint the town (What?)': Black; Blue; Red; or Gold? Red
  7. The world is said to be one's/your (What?) when it offers exciting potential: Chariot; Treasure-chest; Oyster; or Rainbow? Oyster (from Shakespeare's The Merry Wives of Windsor, spoken by the character called Pistol: "Why then the world's mine oyster, which I with sword will open..." The expression was given amusing malapropism treatment by the Arthur Daley character in the 1980s English TV comedy series 'Minder': "The world's your lobster..", and this expression has become popular as an ironic version)
  8. To commit to a difficult decision/action is to 'Bite the (what?): Bottle; Bullet; Bacon; or Beaver? Bullet (derived from the custom and imagery of wounded soldiers being given a bullet to bite on while undergoing surgery without anaesthetic)
  9. When something is more elaborately produced than necessary this is said to be '(What?) the (What?): Over-egging the Pudding; Over-heating the pie; Over-spicing the curry; or Over-yeasting the bread? Over-egging the pudding (or cake)
  10. Popular fiction/drama featuring middle-class village life is known as: Welly Telly; Farmhouse Fodder; Tweed Feed; or Aga Saga? Aga Saga
  11. Which three of these traditionally characterize different trading styles/views in stock exchanges/markets: Shark; Bull; Beaver; Bear; Stag; or Dog? Bull, Bear, Stag (respectively predicting price rise, fall, and rise of a newly issue stock)
  12. An eccentric or crazy person is informally referred to as having '(What?) in the belfry': Bats; Rats; Cats; or Woodworm? Bats
  13. What two of these are in similar separate 'sacrificial' expressions ('Id give my [what?] for...') each referring to desperately wanting something: Brain; Heart; Eye teeth; Right arm; or Mother's legs? Eye teeth and Right arm
  14. When having to answer to others for a personal failing, or receiving a punishment, this is called 'Facing the (What?)': Headmaster; Music; Gallows; or Grandparents? Music
  15. Which of these informally refers to a shy person, especially young woman at a dance/party/gathering: Lonesome pine; Wallflower; Dog-rose; or Snap-dragon? Wallflower
  16. Which two of these are famous US terms for advocates of opposing political foreign policy styles: Hawk; Eagle; Dove; Bear; Lemming; or Horse? Hawk and Dove (respectively tough/aggressive and diplomatic/patient)
  17. A warning to behave well and use careful polite language is to 'Mind your (Whats?) and (Whats?)': Bs; Gs; Ps; Qs; Ts; or Vs? Ps and Qs (see Mind your Ps and Qs origins)
  18. Derived from Samuel Coleridge's 1798 'Rime of the Ancient Mariner' what is someone said to carry around his/her neck as a heavy guilt or liability: Albatross; Whale; Penguin; or Haddock? Albatross
  19. The (which pairing of these?) is a metaphor for nature's reproductive behaviour/behavior, especially human: Bees; Cats; Rabbits; Birds; or Mice? The Birds and the Bees
  20. Which nationality combines with 'auction', 'courage' and 'uncle' in referring to alternative/artificial versions: Spanish; French; Dutch; or Chinese? Dutch (respectively: an auction which starts high and drops in steps until a bid is made; bravery due to alcoholic intoxication; and a well-meaning unrelated advisor or critic - see dutch auction and dutch courage origins)


quizballs 296 - free nicknames, expressions, figures of speech quiz questions only for trivia quizzes and pub quizzes


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