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quizballs 295 - free Turkey quiz - questions and answers for trivia quizzes and pub quizzes


  1. According to biblical tradition what came to rest on the Mountains of Ararat, now in eastern Turkey? Noah's Ark
  2. The Turkish Van (or Turkish Vankedisi), originally from the eastern Turkish lakeside city of Van, is domestic breed of: Goat; Horse; Dog; or Cat? Cat (traditionally white long-haired with orange eyes, or two different colour/color eyes, although modern variations exist - incidentally the vast Lake Van is the largest in Turkey)
  3. Recep Erdoğan, Abdullah Gül, Bülent Ecevit, and Turgut Özal are notable Turkish: Footballers; Movie stars; Prime Ministers; or TV Cooks? Prime Ministers
  4. 'Magnificent Century' is among what hugely popular Turkish export to Arab and Balkan regions in the 2000s: Wine; Oranges; Perfume; or TV Drama? TV Drama (Turkish TV dramas and soap operas are considered significant in enhancing Turkey's socio-political reputation in local international regions)
  5. The letters C and S in the Turkish alphabet feature which diacritical mark: Circumflex; Cedilla; Umlaut; or Bolle? Cedilla (a small hook or comma at the base of the letter)
  6. In Turkish language/custom "teşekkür ederim" and "sağ olun" mean: Hello; Goodbye; Thank you; or Good luck? Thank you ("sağ olun" literally means 'be healthy/strong' and is used for firmer expressions of thanks than "teşekkür ederim")
  7. The Turkish War of Independence 1919-23, enabling the independent Turkish nation, was between Turkish nationalists and: Germany; Spain; The Ottoman Empire; or The Allies of the 1st World War? The Allies of the 1st World War (also called the Entente Powers - mainly Britain, France and Russia - after the country was occupied by their forces and partitioned following the Ottoman Empire's defeat in World War I)
  8. Which two white symbols feature on the Turkish national flag, and on what background colour/color (three answers required)? Crescent and Star on a Red background
  9. Which two nations adjoin Turkey's southern border? Iraq and Syria
  10. Turkey's internet country TLD (Top Level Domain) code is: .tu; .tk; .tr; or .ty? .tr
  11. Equating broadly to Asia Minor/Turkey what is the old term for this region, from ancient Greek meaning 'sunrise' and 'east'? Anatolia
  12. Turkey's international vehicle registration code (typically shown on vehicle registration plates) is: T; TR; TU; or O? TR
  13. Kemalism, modern Turkey's foundational six-principled socio-political philosophy, is also called the Six: Arrows; Fish; Suns; or Fingers? Arrows (representing the six principles of: Republicanism, Populism, Nationalism, Secularism, Statism, and Reformism)
  14. Established in 1923, Cumhuriyet Halk Partisi, is Turkey's oldest: Football club; Political party; University; or Supermarket? Political party (the Republican People's Party - whose flag features six arrows)
  15. Invented by Haci Bekir Effendi at his Istanbul shop in 1777 what is the globally consumed 'lokum' more famously called? Turkish delight
  16. In 1993 the Turkish economist and academic Tansu Penbe Çiller became the country's first: World Chess Champion; Nobel Prizewinner; Eurovision Song Contest Winner; or Female Prime Minister? Female Prime Minister (1993-96)
  17. What is modern Turkey's capital city? Ankara
  18. Name Turkey's major 'Istanbul (Who?) Airport' after the founder and first president of the Republic of Turkey? Atatürk (after Mustafa Kemal Atatürk, 1881-1938)
  19. A Turkish 'hammam', whose name derives from Arabic hamma, heat, is known in 'western' cultures alternatively as a Turkish what? Bath
  20. What was the historical capital city of the Ottoman Empire (and also the East Roman and Byzantine empires), and its modern Turkish name (two answers required)? Constantinople and Istanbul
  21. Eastern Thrace refers to which part of Turkey: European; Asian; Southern Isles; or North Coastal? European (Eastern Thrace is the extreme south east corner of Europe)
  22. The famous medieval stone landmark in Turkey's largest city is the 'Galata (What?)': Tower; Mosque; Wall; or Cathedral? Tower
  23. Which two major seas lie respectively north and south of Turkey, and which minor sea lies to its west (three answers required, in order)? Black Sea, Mediterranean Sea and Aegean Sea
  24. Galatasaray, Fenerbahçe, Beşiktaş and Trabzonspor are famous Turkish: Foods; Football clubs; Dances; Car-makers? Football clubs
  25. Turkey's biggest city is: Istanbul; Ankara; Izmir; or Bursa? Istanbul
  26. Who are Turkey's 2nd largest ethnic people and about 18% of the population: Moors; Kurds; Tartars; or Armenians? Kurds
  27. The Meclis (known fully as Türkiye Büyük Millet Meclisi) is Turkey's: Volcano; Parliament; Space program; or Railway system? Parliament (also called the Grand National Assembly)
  28. Turkey's international telephone calling code is: 60; 70; 80; or 90? 90
  29. Comprising 100 Kuruş, what is Turkey's currency, first minted in the early 1400s as Ottoman money? Lira
  30. The turkey bird, named mistakenly after the country Turkey, originated in: Spain; Russia; or China; or Mexico? Mexico (see turkey bird word origins - on a big page, but fascinating..)


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