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quizballs 294 - free Indonesia quiz - questions and answers for trivia quizzes and pub quizzes


  1. Indonesia's name derives from Greek 'indos' for India, and 'nesos' meaning: Sea; Island; Fish; or Volcano? Island
  2. Garuda Indonesia is the country's official national: Energy corporation; Airline; Sports stadium; or Police force? Airline (Garuda is a big winged creature in Hindu/Buddhist mythology - the airline is 60% state-owned at 2014)
  3. What 'dragon' is the world's largest lizard, named after its unique Indonesian island habitat? Komodo
  4. At which sport has Indonesia won several medals including gold in each Summer Olympics from 1992-2008? Badminton
  5. The Rupiah is Indonesia's: Currency; Parliament; Highest Law Court; or National Anthem? Currency (comprising 100 Sen - in the 2010s approximately 10,000 Rupiah = US$1 - the Rupiah is popularly called 'perak' meaning 'silver')
  6. Indonesia is dissected by the: Equator; Tropic of Cancer; Tropic of Capricorn; or None of these? Equator
  7. Indonesia's bad-smelling Rafflesia Arnoldii is the world's largest (what?), and a national emblem? Flower
  8. Indonesia's governing constitution since independence is a: Monarchy; Military Dictatorship; Presidential Democracy; or Religious Theocracy? Presidential Democracy
  9. If it's midnight in Washington DC, Ottowa and Havana, what is the time in the capital of Indonesia: 6pm; Midday; 6am; or Midnight? Midday (or Noon - or more loosely 12.00am - this is not the place to debate whether noon/midnight are am or pm..)
  10. Indonesia's internet country TLD (top level domain) is: .in; .is; .id; or .dns? .id
  11. What is Indonesia's 'Sang Saka Merah-Putih' (The Sacred Red-and-White)? Flag (two equal horizontal bands, red over white, or an alternative of four white stripes within five red - the flag has variant names: Bendera Merah-Putih, The Red-and-White Flag, Merah-Putih, The Red-and-White, or Sang Dwiwarna, The Bicolor - the red represents courage, the white, purity of intent)
  12. Indonesia has the world's largest area of what vegetation: Date-palm; Mangrove; Tea; or Cotton? Mangrove
  13. Which European nation was the colonial power of Indonesia for 350 years until officially ceding control in December 1949? The Netherlands (or Holland)
  14. Indonesia's international telephone country code is: 32; 42; 52; or 62? 62
  15. Which nation occupied most of modern Indonesia during the 2nd World War, 1942-45, effectively ending colonial rule? Germany; China; Japan; or USA? Japan
  16. Home to most of Indonesia's Hindu minority, what tourist haven is Indonesia's smallest province? Bali
  17. Goreng, Bakar, Tumis, Rebus, and Kukus are major Indonesian: Cooking styles; Volcanoes; Soccer clubs; TV soap operas? Cooking styles (goreng is frying, bakar [or panggang] is grilling, tumis is stir frying, rebus is boiling, kukus is steaming)
  18. Bahasa Indonesia, based on long-established Malay, is Indonesia's national what? Language (Bahasa means language, from Sanskrit)
  19. The popular Indonesian sport Pencak Silat is a form of: Martial Arts; Triathlon; Boating; or Netball? Martial Arts
  20. Name the Indonesian island/event/volcano whose eruption in 1883 is considered the loudest event in known human history? Krakatoa (or Krakatau - Anak Krakatau, meaning Child of Krakatoa, was the resulting new island and volcano, emerging in 1927)
  21. Indonesia has the world's (what ranking?) biggest national population: 4th; 7th; 9th or 12th? 4th (at 2014, c.250m, behind China, India and USA)
  22. The vast majority of Indonesian people adhere to what religion: Buddhism; Islam; Christianity; or Hinduism? Islam (Indonesia has the the biggest national Muslim population in the world - in the 2010s about 200 million people)
  23. Bandung, Tangerang, Palembang, Semarang and Serang are popular Indonesian: Foods; Cities; Dances; or Languages? Cities
  24. Depending on geographical interpretation Indonesia comprises how many islands: 17-18; 170-180; 1,700-1,800 or 17,000-18,000? 17,000-18,000 (official figures seem to range between 17,000 and 18,307)
  25. Gamelan is a major Indonesian style of: Cooking; Music; Martial Arts; or Fishing? Music (typically an ensemble of mainly percussive instruments, which are tuned as a fixed set, optionally accompanied by singers)
  26. Indonesia's name before independence 1945/50 was '(What?) East Indies': French; Spanish; Dutch/Netherlands; or British? Dutch or Netherlands
  27. Representing about 100 million people and 40% of the population, which is the largest ethnic group of Indonesia: Javanese; Sundanese; Malay; or Madurese? Javanese
  28. Indonesia shares which island with Brunei and Malaysia: New Guinea; Borneo; Timor; or Java? Borneo
  29. Indonesia's capital city is (What?), located in the island of (What?) (two answers required, capital then island): Sulawesi; Jakarta; Java; or Sumatra? Jakarta located in Java
  30. Kelut and Merapi are among famous Indonesian (what?) in the 'Circum-Pacific Belt' or 'Ring of Fire': Steelworks; Volcanoes; Typhoons; or Curries? Volcanoes


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