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quizballs 290 - free general knowledge quiz - questions and answers for trivia quizzes and pub quizzes


  1. The suspension of a serving UK parliamentarian by his/her political party is called having the (what?) withdrawn: Wig; Rod; Whip; or Member? Whip
  2. Viagra pills are traditionally what colour/color? Blue
  3. Sir Chris Chataway (1931-2014), a successful British broadcaster, politician and businessman, crucially assisted the first: Lunar landing; Sub-4minute mile; Everest ascent; or Mariana Trench descent? Sub-4minute mile (by Roger Bannister, 1954 - Chris Brasher and Chataway were the pacemakers - Chataway was also an Olympic gold medalist in his own right, and in 1954 the first winner of BBC Sports Personality of the Year)
  4. The lachrymatory factor synthase (LFS) arises in preparing what foodstuff? Onion (lachrymal refers to tears)
  5. Chrysí Avgí (Golden Dawn) is a far-right political party of which country? Greece
  6. The acronym HDMI, a 21st century replacement connection technology for analogue video, stands for what? High-Definition Multimedia Interface
  7. Match the names/creatures: Godwit/Reptile; Caribou/Fish; Caiman/Deer; Fugu/Bird? Godwit/Bird; Caribou/Deer; Caiman/Reptile; Fugu/Fish
  8. What treatment was endorsed in 2014 by Britain's National Institute for Health and Care Excellence (NICE) for migraine: Sauna; Herbal; Magnetic; or Cold-showers? Magnetic (TMS - Transcranial Magnetic Stimulation)
  9. Drax in Selby, Yorkshire UK, is at 2014 Europe's biggest (what?)-powered electricity generating station: Water; Wind; Solar; Nuclear; or Coal? Coal
  10. Alabama rot is an often terminal disease particularly afflicting: Cacti; Greyhounds; Bison; or Dolphins? Greyhounds
  11. Spanish-born Anne Hildago, proposed community redevelopment of Avenue Foch, the most affluent residential street of which city, in her 2014 mayoral election campaign: Paris; London; New York; or Buenos Aires? Paris
  12. Meaning 'complete view', from Greek 'all-see', what BBC series (at 2014) is the world's longest-running public affairs TV show? Panorama (first broadcast in 1953)
  13. What common household product is used to protect premature babies and fresh tattoos: Aluminium/aluminum foil; Clingfilm/foodwrap; Greaseprooof paper; or Petroleum jelly? Clingfilm/foodwrap
  14. In Spain 'chocolate a la taza' is a: Drink; Cake; Snack-bar; or Ice-cream? Drink (a cup of hot drinking chocolate made with milk)
  15. A silkworm/moth's (what?) is used to make silk: Wings; Web; Cocoon; or Droppings? Cocoon (made with its saliva, whose strands are pure silk)
  16. In physics the effect of the largest granules rising to the top of an agitated container of mixed granules is popularly called the (what?) effect: Coal truck; Brazil nut; Toffee penny; or Handbag? Brazil nut (and nobody knows for sure why this happens)
  17. If something is allegorical it is: Old; Symbolic; Untrue; or Religious? Symbolic (an allegory is a picture, poem, story, etc., with a hidden or subtle meaning or lesson that is not immediately apparent - see the fascinating grammar/language glossary)
  18. What prefix when added to the following makes five new words: Shave, Shock; Sun; Thought, Wards? After
  19. A swift strong shoreline current moving out to sea which can threaten bathers is a: Flip; Rip; Strip; or Blip? Rip (or rip current or rip tide, although technically it's not a tide)
  20. In Rastafari culture the term 'I and I' generally means: Me; You; We; or All? We (it means other things too, notably expressing oneness with god, or Jah)


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