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quizballs 289 - free general knowledge quiz - questions and answers for trivia quizzes and pub quizzes


  1. Match these pasta names with the correct shapes: Conchiglie-Tube; Fusilli-Bow, Fettuccini-Corkscrew, Cannelloni-Ribbon, Farfalle-Shell? Conchiglie-Shell, Fusilli-Corkscrew, Fettuccini-Ribbon, Cannelloni-Tube, Farfalle-Bow
  2. What branch of mathematics also means in Spanish (and archaic English) 'the surgical treatment of fractures'? Algebra
  3. What is a parachute's handle/cable release mechanism, and a 1960s TV series about skydiving? Ripcord
  4. What popular food has official European Union varieties of Couverture, Vermicelli, Milk, Cream, Family, and a la taza? Chocolate
  5. What creatures are farmed in breeds such as Helix pomatia and Helix aspersa? Snails
  6. Spell the mustard relish: Picalilli; Piccalili; Piccalilli; or Picalili? Piccalilli
  7. What is the free open source wiki software developed and distributed by Wikipedia: WebWiki; FreeWiki; MediaWiki; or StickiWiki? MediaWiki
  8. If you order a 'latte' in Italy what drink are you most likely to receive? Milk (latte means milk in Italian - if you want a milky coffee it's a 'cafè latte')
  9. What sports item has been made (oldest first) in ivory, Sorel cement, nitrocellulose (Celluloid), Bakelite, and nowadays in acrylic/phenolic resin? Snooker balls (or billiard balls, or pool balls)
  10. Baw Baw, Kosciuszko, Mount Buffalo, Snowy River and Tidbinbilla are national alpine parks of which nation? Australia
  11. Iyaric is the language/dialect of what 1930s-emerging spiritual movement? Rastafari (or Rastafarianism - Iyaric, technically a dialect of English, also known as Livalect, Dread-talk, and I-talk - the name derives from Iya (higher) and Amharic, the language spoken by Haile Selassie I [that's the first, not 'I'...], revered as a founder figure, Ethiopian regent/emperor 1916-74)
  12. Brazilian Djalma Santos (1929-2013) and Portuguese Eusébio da Silva Ferreira (1942-2014), are considered all-time great: Surfers; Footballers; Chefs; or Percussionists? Footballers
  13. The Phoenician civilization is noted for populating and trading around what sea c.1500-300BC? Mediterranean
  14. The geological/archaelogical term 'henge', derived from Stonehenge, refers to an earthwork construction of what particular characteristic: Worship; Burial; Circular; or Military? Circular (usually entailing a round ditch and mound)
  15. Technically, 'Rapid Transit' is differentiated from other forms of public transport by: Exclusive right-of-way; Vehicle speed; Advanced ticketing; or Automated operation? Exclusive right-of-way (typically dedicated grade[height]-separated tunnels or elevated rails, so avoiding crossing-junctions)
  16. What modern-day word was a Roman army unit of c.4,500 men, having 'cohorts' of c.480, each with 'centuries' of 80? Legion (from from Latin legio, levy/conscription, from legere, choose - a legion tended to comprise Roman conscripts rather than foreigners)
  17. Alectryomancy, a branch of Ornithomancy, is fortune-telling with the aid of a: Crystal ball; Cup of tea; Cock/hen; or Drunken audience? Cock/hen (typically used to point to letters to spell out words - Ornithomancy is fortune-telling using any sort of bird - from Greek alectruon, cock, and ornith, bird, plus manteia, divination)
  18. Using petroleum jelly and coal dust what product did Tom Lyle Williams pioneer in 1915 initially for his sister Mabel? Mascara (thereby founding the make-up company Maybelline)
  19. The genericized trademarks Glad wrap (NZ) Saran wrap (US) are more commonly called what in the UK? Cling film (less commonly, also correctly cling wrap or food wrap)
  20. Which country originally had a monopoly in the cultivation of tea? China


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