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quizballs 288 - free general knowledge quiz - questions and answers for trivia quizzes and pub quizzes


  1. 'Normal School' traditionally refers to a college for students of which profession? Teaching (derived from the meaning/principle of establishing educational norms)
  2. The terms bipin twistlock, Edison screw and bayonet are associated with what common items? Light bulbs (the main connection/fitting designs)
  3. The Hay Wain featured in John Constable's so-named 1821 painting is a: Farmhouse; Cart; Meadow; or Cloud system? Cart (Wain is a very old word for a horse-drawn cart, usually for transorting goods not people, from the same word origins as wagon - the occupational surname Wainwright was a wagon-maker)
  4. The sport of curling uses stones (or US 'rocks') conventionally made of what material: Rubber; Steel; Granite; or Acrylic? Granite (typically from Scotland or Wales)
  5. What was discovered and announced (UK Newcastle University, 2014) to reverse/cure obesity-induced Type-2 Diabetes: Hypnosis; Honey; Diet; or Cat-stroking? Diet (specifically a crash diet of 800 calories per day - reducing fat in the liver from as much as 40% towards the norm of 2% within a few weeks, re-enabling natural insulin production)
  6. The Rolling Stones guitarist Keith Richards is noted for playing 'open-tuned' six-string electric guitars with how many strings: Three; Four; Five; or Seven? Five
  7. Who was a trade union/party founder (1980), prisoner (1981-2), Nobel Peace Prizewinner (1983), and president (1990-5)? Lech Walesa (of Poland and Solidarity)
  8. Cadbury Roses and Nestle Quality Street traditionally use which colour/color wrapper to denote a whole hazelnut filling: Silver; Purple; Green; or Blue? Purple
  9. A rock which is foliated is: Layered; Sparkly; Holed; or Cracked? Layered (from Latin folium, leaf, the layers were produced by pressure/temperature forces while the rock was solid but very hot, for example related to volcanic activity, was with slate)
  10. Satirical magazine Private Eye's nickname for Queen Elizabeth II, reportedly used by royal staff, family, etc., is: Pauline; Pippa; Brenda; or Keith? Brenda (Keith is Private Eye's nickname for Prince Philip - the names emerged after a 1969 TV documentary 'Royal Family', inviting ironic working-class parody, including the nicknames: Charles became Brian, Princess Margaret was Yvonne, Diana was later Cheryl - the working-class parodies were extended by Sue Townsend's 1992 novel/play 'The Queen and I', which saw the royal family dispossessed [the Queen became 'Mrs Windsor', not Brenda] and evicted to a council estate after a republican government was elected)
  11. The abbreviation ECT (electric shock treatment of psychiatric illness) stands for what? Electroconvulsive Therapy
  12. A Roman theatre exit passageway (also mistakenly believed to be where diners made themselves sick to enable more eating) is a: Nauseaum; Evacuatium; Exitorum; or Vomitorium? Vomitorium
  13. The Attacama Desert in Chile is considered the planet's most (what?) place: Humid; Dry; Hot; or Noiseless? Dry (about 15mm rainfall per year in modern times, and virtually no rain in 400 years to 1971)
  14. In many Arabic and Asian languages Memsab and Sahib (and variants) mean: Please/Thank-you; Hello/Goodbye; Madam/Mister; or Day/Night? Madam/Mister
  15. A Brazil nut is technically a: Fruit; Seed; Fungus; or Leaf? Seed (the actual 'nut' of the Brazil nut tree is a coconut-like hard shell which contains several Barzil 'nut' seeds, organized rather like the segments of a citrus fruit - the biggest producer is historically Bolivia, not Brazil)
  16. The game of association football (soccer) has how many basic laws: 7; 17; 27; or 37? 17
  17. What Anglicized French term meaning 'in relation to' literally translates as 'face-to-face'? Vis-à-vis
  18. According to the apochryphal quote, "The Battle of Waterloo was won on the (what?) of Eton": Orders; Horses; Playing fields; or Croquet lawns? Playing fields (the quote is often wrongly attributed to the Duke of Wellington - in fact its origin is unknown)
  19. The cult 'Twilight' and 'Game of Thrones' TV/films popularized the ownership of what challenging pets: Eagle-like birds; Wolf-like-dogs; Dragon-like lizards; or Badger-like cats? Wolf-like dogs
  20. The MINT countries (an emerging tier of new economic powers after the BRIC group), are which four nations? Mexico, Indonesia, Nigeria, Turkey (see MINT and its origins in the acronyms glossary)


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