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quizballs 288 - free general knowledge questions for trivia quizzes and pub quizzes


  1. 'Normal School' traditionally refers to a college for students of which profession?
  2. The terms bipin twistlock, Edison screw and bayonet are associated with what common items?
  3. The Hay Wain featured in John Constable's so-named 1821 painting is a: Farmhouse; Cart; Meadow; or Cloud system?
  4. The sport of curling uses stones (or US 'rocks') conventionally made of what material: Rubber; Steel; Granite; or Acrylic?
  5. What was discovered and announced (UK Newcastle University, 2014) to reverse/cure obesity-induced Type-2 Diabetes: Hypnosis; Honey; Diet; or Cat-stroking?
  6. The Rolling Stones guitarist Keith Richards is noted for playing 'open-tuned' six-string electric guitars with how many strings: Three; Four; Five; or Seven?
  7. Who was a trade union/party founder (1980), prisoner (1981-2), Nobel Peace Prizewinner (1983), and president (1990-5)?
  8. Cadbury Roses and Nestle Quality Street traditionally use which colour/color wrapper to denote a whole hazelnut filling: Silver; Purple; Green; or Blue?
  9. A rock which is foliated is: Layered; Sparkly; Holed; or Cracked?
  10. Satirical magazine Private Eye's nickname for Queen Elizabeth II, reportedly used by royal staff, family, etc., is: Pauline; Pippa; Brenda; or Keith?
  11. The abbreviation ECT (electric shock treatment of psychiatric illness) stands for what?
  12. A Roman theatre exit passageway (also mistakenly believed to be where diners made themselves sick to enable more eating) is a: Nauseaum; Evacuatium; Exitorum; or Vomitorium?
  13. The Attacama Desert in Chile is considered the planet's most (what?) place: Humid; Dry; Hot; or Noiseless?
  14. In many Arabic and Asian languages Memsab and Sahib (and variants) mean: Please/Thank-you; Hello/Goodbye; Madam/Mister; or Day/Night?
  15. A Brazil nut is technically a: Fruit; Seed; Fungus; or Leaf?
  16. The game of association football (soccer) has how many basic laws: 7; 17; 27; or 37?
  17. What Anglicized French term meaning 'in relation to' literally translates as 'face-to-face'?
  18. According to the apochryphal quote, "The Battle of Waterloo was won on the (what?) of Eton": Orders; Horses; Playing fields; or Croquet lawns?
  19. The cult 'Twilight' and 'Game of Thrones' TV/films popularized the ownership of what challenging pets: Eagle-like birds; Wolf-like-dogs; Dragon-like lizards; or Badger-like cats?
  20. The MINT countries (an emerging tier of new economic powers after the BRIC group), are which four nations?


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