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quizballs 286 - free general knowledge questions for trivia quizzes and pub quizzes


  1. The Hudl tablet is a: Low-cost computer; Body-warming drug; Waterless soap; or Diagram of Noah's Ark?
  2. Vancouver, Oxford, Harvard/Parenthetical, ASA, and APA are major protocols for: Intelligence (IQ) testing; Citing/referencing document sources; Air traffic control; or Rose cultivation?
  3. What sort of sausage derives its name from a condiment: Bratwurst; Salami; Haggis; or Wiener?
  4. The marathon race event derives its name from a Greek: Dance; Town; Athlete; or Chocolate?
  5. What word prefixes the following words to create five different terms: Arms, Charge, Blade, Pad, Strap?
  6. A pimpernel is a: Cape; Bird; Flower; or Soldier?
  7. Name the patented globally popular 'celebratory' worm drive hose clip, registered in 1921 by its inventor Commander Lumley Robinson: Jubilee; Birthday; Anniversary; or Christmas?
  8. The US expression referring to a critic who offers late unhelpful opinion is a 'Monday Morning (What?): Pitcher; Point guard; Quarterback; or Muppet?
  9. Commonwealth Bay in Antarctica is the site of what global extreme: Windiest weather; Thickest ice; Coldest water; or Brightest landscape?
  10. Heidelbergensis is an early form of: Rose; Cow; Cabbage; or Human?
  11. Which corporation has developed and made the World Cup (soccer) footballs since 1966? Adidas; Nike; Mitre; or Dunlop?
  12. Lingettes, feuchttucher, and babydoekjes are known in English as 'Baby... (what?)': Carrots; Steps; Teeth; or Wipes?
  13. Castel Gandolfo in Italy is a summer residence of the: Pope; EU President; Beckhams; or Murdochs?
  14. The nickname of the US-based Industrial Workers of the World international industrial/trade union is the: Wonkies; Winkies; Wobblies; or Wibblies?
  15. What legendary Arthurian item of furniture refers metaphorically to negotions/dicusssions by people of different views: Sacrificial altar; Bar stool; Round table; or Work bench?
  16. Niagara Falls are between which two Great Lakes: Erie/Ontario; Huron/Erie; Michigan/Huron; or Superior/Michigan?
  17. The website www.sis.gov.uk represents a state operation traditionally called: Customs & Excise; Number 10; MI6; or The Ministry of Agriculture and Fisheries?
  18. What word refers to excessive ingratiating/flattering, derived from its original Latin 'oily' sense of annointing: Unctuous; Bilious; Mendacious; or Salacious?
  19. Originating in Saxon England, amounting to c.$70-100m annually in the 2000s, a global collection by the Catholic Church given directly to the Vatican is called: Peter's Pence; Paul's Pounds; Benny's Booty; or Gregory's Groats?
  20. Brackish refers to water that is: Fresh; Warm; Salty; or Frozen?


quizballs 286 - free quiz answers for trivia quizzes and pub quizzes


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