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quizballs 285 - free general knowledge quiz - questions and answers for trivia quizzes and pub quizzes


  1. What global brand was founded by Baron Marcel Bich in Clichy France, 1945, whose first and enduring product is Cristal? Bic (the pen company, and razors, lighters, etc)
  2. Which religious belief concept was developed by American writer L Ron Hubbard (1911–1986)? Scientology
  3. Which city is traditionally credited with developing and popularizing stollen cake, beginning in the 1400s: Dresden; Milan; London; or Paris? Dresden
  4. Petite Syrah, a cafe in Nice, France, made the news in 2013 after publicizing widely varying coffee prices according to customers': Weight; Ability to pay; Politeness; or Religion? Politeness (the menu correlated increasing degrees of politeness with reducing costs)
  5. According to several definitions, Mawsynram village in Meghalaya state, NE India, experiences what most extreme earthly characteristic: Rainfall; Humidity; Tremors; or Sunshine? Rainfall (annual record [at 2013] is 26,000mm, that's 83 feet, of rain in 1985, although this is more than double its usual annual rainfall - two villages in Columbia compete with Mawsynram's claim depending on definitions/time periods)
  6. RIA Novosti was dissolved and replaced by Rossiya Segodnya as the main state news agency in which country in 2013? Russia
  7. The Spanish word 'ciudad' means: Bar/Restaurant; City/Town; Road/Street; or House/Ranch? City/Town
  8. Name the manufacturer of F1 champion Sebastian Vettel's helmet, sold for a world record £72,000 in a 2013 charity auction? Arai
  9. A 35-year study by Cardiff University found in 2013 that dementia risk was influenced most by: Tobacco; Alcohol; Obesity; Diet; or Exercise? Exercise
  10. A Christmas card that Tesco was forced to withdraw from sale in 2009 made a joke about Santa Claus loving: Cannabis; Men; Reindeer; or Ginger children? Ginger children (a picture of a smalll red-headed boy sitting on Santa's knee was accompanied by the caption 'Santa loves all kids. Even ginger ones.')
  11. A Belgian bun usually features icing and: Sultanas & Cherry; Rhubarb & Honey; Figs & Dates; or Pineapple & Rum? Sultanas & Cherry
  12. Which corporation launched the Surface Pro 2 laptop/tablet hybrid in 2013? Microsoft
  13. The term 'flapper' refers to a socially and fashionably brash female/style in which period? 1910s; 1920s; 1930s; 1940s? 1920s
  14. Kraamzorg is a popular Dutch: Cheese; Bicycle; Drinking game; or Postnatal care system? Postnatal care system (kraam means postnatal, zorg means care)
  15. 'Tibetan silver' jewellery/jewelry commonly sold in western markets and online is typically what percentage pure silver: 0-2%; 15-40%; 60-80%'; or 90-100%? 0-2% (a 2000s sample study by Ebay found that virtually no 'Tibetan silver' items sold on its site contained more than 1% silver; much contained no silver at all, and some contained hazardous levels of lead and/or arsenic - the term nowadays mostly refers to an iron/copper/pewter base with a silver colour/color coating)
  16. Which regional format number identifies DVDs specific to the US and Canada: 1; 2; 3; or 4? 1
  17. Where was the hottest ever (as at 2013) natural earth surface temperature of 56.7C recorded in 1913: Death Valley, USA; Basra, Iraq; Rio de Janeiro, Brazil; or Alice Springs, Australia? Death Valley, USA
  18. The 1967 novel 'The Starlight Barking' by Dorothy 'Dodie' Smith is the sequel to which, her most famous, book? The Hundred and One Dalmatians (alternatively known as the Great Dog Robbery, and less correctly by the name of the Disney film 101 Dalmatians, both of which are acceptable answers)
  19. Spell the Chinese currency: Renminbi; Remnimbi; Renmimbi; or Remninbi? Renminbi (loosely translated as 'people's currency' - also known separately as the Yuan)
  20. What does the Latin abbreviation 'i.e.' (meaning 'that is..') stand for in full? Id Est (see useful and interesting Latin terms)


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