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quizballs 283 - FREE 2013 BIG YEAR QUIZ - questions and answers for trivia quizzes and pub quizzes


  1. Unusually, Google's homepage on 6 December 2013 featured an extra name and website link - whose name? Nelson Mandela (1918-2013 - in response to his death on 5 Dec)
  2. What country produced the internationally successful 2013 movie 'Arrambam' ('Beginning')? India
  3. Which nation in Feb 2013 effectively withdrew the penny (1 cent) coin from coinage and cash transactions, encouraging rounding to the nearest nickel? Canada
  4. Known as 'Odd Day', using 'DMY' format, which date in 2013 features a numerical pattern that will not happen again until the 1st March 2105? 9/11/13 (9 Nov 2013 is three adjacent sequential odd numbers - known as 'Odd Day' - bonus point, when will this next happen in the US and other nations using the 'MDY' date format? 11/13/15 (13 Nov 2015)
  5. Sweden's Jonas von Essen won what three-day 2013 world championship, in which always the final discipline is 'Speed Cards'? World Memory Championships
  6. Name the three-letter South Korean musician responsible for the most viewed YouTube video at 2013, and the most viewed 2013 video? Psy (bonus points for naming each video? respectively 'Gangnam Style' and 'Gentleman')
  7. In the News of the World phone hacking trial which two defendants were revealed to have had a secret six year romantic affair? Rebekah Brooks (was Rebekah Wade) and Andy Coulson
  8. Marc Marquez won the 2013 MotoGP Championship riding for: Ducati; Repsol Honda; Suzuki; or Yamaha? Repsol Honda
  9. In the 2013 Forbes 400 List of the richest Americans which corporation was represented most in the top ten? Wal-Mart (with four family member owners, ranked at 6th-9th)
  10. Which massively popular annual sporting event did the BBC not televise in 2013 for the first time since broadcasting it on TV in 1960? The Grand National (horse racing steeplechase - the race was televised by Channel 4 - bonus point, name the 66-1 winner? Auroras Encore)
  11. What largely European contest was held in May 2013 at Malmo Sweden, saw withdrawals by Turkey, Portugal, Slovakia, and Bosnia & Herzegovina, and was won by Denmark's Emmelie de Forest? Eurovision Song Contest
  12. Which old-Etonian political leader famously ranted that some children are born too unintelligent ever to achieve greatness and then flunked three logical-thinking questions in a radio interview? Boris Johnson
  13. What historically unprecedented devastating weather event was known locally as Yolanda? Typhoon Haiyan (which devastated the parts of the Philippines in November 2013)
  14. What country, nicknamed Super Eagles, won the (soccer) 2013 Africa Cup of Nations? Nigeria
  15. What was Gotye and Kimbra's 2013 Grammy Award winning Best Song? Somebody That I Used To Know
  16. What technology-related term was the Oxford English Dictionary's (new) 2013 'Word of the Year'? Selfie (a photo taken of oneself, typically on a smart phone and shared widely via online social networking technology - the word was apparently first recorded in this context in 2002, and according to the OED its use increased somewhat markedly - by 17,000% - in the year to Nov 2013)
  17. Chennai Express was the biggest selling 2013 product of which production brand, founded 100 years previously? Bollywood (alternatively and correctly called Hindi Cinema)
  18. Which sport and major national star (two answers required) featured in plans for a 'peace match' between Colombian state and revolutionary forces? Football (Soccer) and Carlos Valderrama
  19. Which nation's Sharia Islamic Law Committee drafted law in November 2013 for adultery, where there were eye-witnesses, to be punishable by death from stoning? Afghanistan
  20. Booming international export demand for what food was rejected by Finland in 2013 due to stock depletion: Whale; Seal; Seaweed; or Reindeer? Reindeer
  21. Trenton Oldfield (saboteur of the UK 2012 Boat Race) resisted deportation action back to his home nation of: Ireland; South Africa; New Zealand; or Australia? Australia
  22. Ranked about 10-11th of all the world's websites in 2013, name China's equivalent of Ebay and Amazon: Taibay; Toygo; Taobao; or Amoy? Taobao (Taobao.com)
  23. Which team won the 2013 Australian Football League (AFL) Grand Final: Brisbane Lions; Geelong; Adelaide; or Hawthorn? Hawthorn
  24. What version of the Gran Turismo video race-driving game launched end-2013: 6; 9; 2.5i; or 4.2XLS? 6
  25. Which best-selling reclusive author (1919-2010) wrote 'Three Stories', leaked online in 2013, previously only available via supervised library study? J D Salinger
  26. 'Mersin 2013' was Turkey's hosting of the '(which Sea?) Games' - a 24-nation mini-Olympics established in 1951 "... to bring together the Muslim and European countries..."? Mediterranean (The Mediterranean Games - held every four years for the nations surrounding the Mediterranean Sea)
  27. Name the 2013-criminally convicted owner of AC Milan? Silvio Berlusconi
  28. How is the year 2013 shown in Roman numerals? MMXIII
  29. Which two significant celebrations, one global, the other one USA, coincided for the first time in 125 years? Hannukah and Thanksgiving
  30. The video for what 2013 Miley Cyrus big hit song provoked substantial debate about female rights, nudity and exploitation? Wrecking Ball
  31. Meaning 'precious', what was named Bao Bao in the USA in 2013: Michelle Obama's perfume; Justin Bieber's album; Britney Spear's baby; or Smithsonian Zoo's baby panda? Smithsonian Zoo's baby panda
  32. Which nation surpassed Japan in 2013 to become the world's 3rd largest smartphone market behind China (1st) and the USA (2nd)? India
  33. Which team in 2013 became the first to win the US Baseball World Series three times in the 21st century? Boston Red Sox
  34. According to Forbes, who at 2013, since 2004, has been the longest-listed black billionaire? Oprah Winfrey
  35. Hassan Rouhani was elected president of which country in 2013? Iran
  36. Which nation received a €10bn EU bailout in Mar 2013, conditional on closing its Laiki Bank and a levy on major investors in its eponymous national bank? Cyprus
  37. Who did something in Feb 2013 that no one had done voluntarily since 1294? Pope Benedict XVI (resigned - lenient quizmasters may acceptable The Pope)
  38. Which acronymic country won the (soccer) 2013 Gulf Cup of Nations? UAE (United Arab Emirates)
  39. Name the five main male members of the Monty Python comedy team which reformed end-2013? John Cleese, Michael Palin, Terry Jones, Eric Idle, Terry Gilliam
  40. Sony corporation patented what 'smart' product in 2013 to compete with other wearable technology such as spectacles and watches: Ring; Cap; Shoe; or Wig? Wig
  41. Where did Edward Snowden first go after his leaking of US classified documents: Hong Kong; Russia; Ecuador; or Switzerland? Hong Kong
  42. Name the Australian fast bowler who ravaged England in the 2013-14 Ashes series? Mitchell Johnson
  43. US Cornell University produced what human body part using 3-D printing/collagen technology in February 2013: Fingernail; Ear; Nose; or Kneecap? Ear
  44. The 2013 Oscars were the (what number?) Academy Awards: 17th; 42nd; 85th; or 121st? 85th (bonus point, what film won the 2013 Best Picture Oscar? Argo)
  45. Name the UK ex-husband and wife political pair convicted and imprisoned in 2013 for perverting the course of justice relating to a speeding penalty in 2003? Chris Huhne and Vicky Pryce (a bonus point for each of Vicky Pryce's original Greek first name and surname? Vasiliki Courmouzis)
  46. Aside from the home nation in the second test, which was the only other team to beat the British and Irish Lions on their 2013 tour of Australia: Melbourne Rebels; Brumbies; Queensland Reds; or New South Wales Waratahs? Brumbies
  47. Atlas, Ariane, Changzheng ('Long March'), and Soyuz were types of what launched in 2013: Perfumes; Mega-Restaurants; Space Rockets; or Pet-Dating Websites? Space Rockets (bonus points for the international denomination of each - Atlas-USA, Ariane-Europe, Long March/Changzheng-China, Soyuz-Russia)
  48. Name the Belgian who at Wimbledon in 2013 became the first player to beat Rafael Nadal in the first round of a major tournament? Steve Darcis
  49. Name the Canadian winner of the 2013 Nobel Prize in Literature for her work as "...master of the modern short story..."? Alice Munroe
  50. A $15bn project intended to become by 2030 Africa's main technology/commerce hub - Konza Techno City - began on a 5,000 acre site in which country? Kenya
  51. In 2013 the Committee for Small Body Nomenclature named what '274301 Wikipedia': a Technology Park in Los Angeles; a Baby abandoned on a Seattle train; an Asteroid; or a Humanoid mummy unearthed in South Dakota? an Asteroid
  52. Whose skeleton, found in a Leicester UK car park, was identified via DNA testing in 2013, solving a mystery dating back to 1485? King Richard III
  53. Robo Fish became globally a hugely popular what in 2013: Toy; Movie; Smartphone App; or Dance Move? Toy
  54. The Argus II was approved in the USA as a prosthetic aid to restore what sense? Sight (Argos was a mythical Greek watchman with a hundred eyes)
  55. 2013 top-ranked and world champion squash player Ramy Ashour is from what country? Egypt
  56. Which annual contest did 'Soletrader Peek A Boo' win in 2013? Crufts (Best in Show at the UK dog show, it was a Petit Basset Griffon Vendeen)
  57. The Large Hadron Collider discovery of what particle was confirmed by CERN (European Organization for Nuclear Research) scientists in 2013? Higgs boson 
  58. Nobel Peace Prizewinner Aung San Suu Kyi was re-elected General Secretary of the National League for Democracy in which country? Burma
  59. The Shams power station, operational in 2013 near Abu Dhabi UAE, reportedly the largest of its kind in the world to date, uses what energy source: Nuclear; Solar; Water; or Oil? Solar (Shams is a translation of the Arabic word for sun)
  60. Who at 2013 is the only person to win an Indian F1 Grand Prix (in fact three of them, 2011/12/13)? Sebastian Vettel
  61. In winning the 2013 Snooker World Championship Ronnie O'Sullivan had attained greater what than all previous winners as far back as Ray Reardon in 1978? Age (O'Sullivan was 37 - Reardon was 45)
  62. Which country joined the EU in 2013? Croatia (bonus point - what number member: 12th; 19th; 28th; or 36th? 28th)
  63. What genome was sequenced in 2013 by German scientists from a toe bone found in Siberia: Neanderthal Man/Woman; Mammoth; Pterodactylus; or Yeti? Neanderthal Man/Woman
  64. Name the black US singer-songwriter who died in 2013, famed early in his career for memorably opening the 1969 Woodstock Festival with a two-hour set? Richie Havens
  65. What cold and slippery women's world championship did Eve Muirhead win for Scotland in Riga, Latvia, 2013? Curling
  66. Name the highly regarded British actor (1947-2013) whose roles included Uncle Monty in Withnail and I? Richard Griffiths
  67. Who controversially led the ZANU–PF to re-election victory in 2013? Robert Mugabe (bonus point - what does ZANU-PF stand for? - Zimbabwe African National Union - Patriotic Front)
  68. Fiorente won what 2013 horse race, the biggest in Australia, run the first Tuesday every November? The Melbourne Cup
  69. Which website introduced a 'Report Abuse' button option in summer 2013 following criticisms of its safety controls, and a petition of 100,000 users: Facebook; Twitter; Amazon; or Ebay? Twitter
  70. Professor Giulio Fanti of Italy's University of Padua reported in 2013 a scientific re-dating of what revered piece of cloth, so as to support claims of its authenticity? The Turin Shroud (believed by some to have wrapped the body of Jesus) 
  71. What production, about Charlie the shoemaker and Lola the drag queen, won the US Tony Awards for Best Musical and Best Musical Score in 2013? Kinky Boots (bonus point, name the show's music/lyrics writer, who had big hit songs in the 1980s such as Girls Just Wanna Have Fun and True Colors? Cyndi Lauper)
  72. Keyboard player Ray Manzarek (1939-2013) co-founded what iconic 1965-73 band, whose hits included Riders on the Storm? The Doors
  73. Charles Saatchi, whose reputation dimmed in 2013, found fame and fortune originally in: Ostrich farming; Advertising; Ice cream vans; or Cage fighting? Advertising
  74. A 2013 study by Dundee University reported dangerous levels of what occurring widely in effervescent/soluble painkillers and supplements: Oxygen; Salt; Sugar; or Plutonium? Salt
  75. The discovery of a 2,600 year-old shrine in Nepal revised datings of the origins for: Buddhism; Christianity; Hinduism; or Marxism? Buddhism
  76. 'Chavismo' - for which 2013 was a significant year - is associated with what/whom: Silvio Berlusconi; Prince Charles; Hugo Chavez; or The Only Way is Essex? Hugo Chavez (Chavismo is the socialist philosophy of Venezuela's president Hugo Chavez, who died in 2013)
  77. What caused explosive destruction to the Russian city of Chelybinsk in January 2013? Meteor 
  78. The 2013 UK National Sex Survey (15,162 people age 16-74) reported average sex frequency for men and women (age 16-44) of how many times per month: 5; 8; 12; or 15? 5 (actually 4.9 for men and 4.8 for women, down from 6.2 and 6.3 ten years prior - source: the third National Survey of Sexual Attitudes and Lifestyles [Natsal] by UCL, London School of Hygiene & Tropical Medicine, and National Centre for Social Research)
  79. What £890m state-owned loan account for 1990-98 did the UK government sell at a discount of £730m for £160m to debt collection corporation Erudio in November 2013? Student Loans
  80. Which devisive British public figure's death on 8 Apr 2013, and subsequent funeral, prompted the burning of effigies in certain British streets? Margaret Thatcher
  81. The global restructuring group (GRG) of which major UK bank was accused of fraudulently repossessing and selling assets of distressed small business customers? RBS Group (Royal Bank of Scotland plc)
  82. Whose appointment was the first ever: from the Americas, Jesuit, and so named? Pope Francis (or Jorge Mario Bergoglio - bonus point for the appointee's nationality? Argentinian)
  83. Veteran UK broadcaster David Dimbleby had what tattooed on his shoulder: Microphone; Bumblebee; Scorpion; or 'BBC'? Scorpion
  84. EU officer Catherine Ashton was widely praised for facilitating a globally significant agreement between 'P5+1' and which nation? Iran (concerning nuclear development and sanctions - bonus points for naming each of the P5 +1? China, France, Russia, UK, USA - plus Germany - 'P5' is the United Nations security council permanent membership)
  85. In 2013 the first mass-market 'OLED' television was launched - what does 'OLED' stand for? Organic Light Emitting Diode
  86. What Marvel/Disney production was 2013's highest grossing (box-office takings) movie? Iron Man 3
  87. Which country retained the (men's international team tennis) Davis Cup in 2013: USA; Spain; Russia; or Czech Republic? Czech Republic
  88. Which country won the (women's international team tennis) Fed Cup in 2013: Italy; USA; Russia; or France? Italy
  89. Which external nation first intervened militarily in the 2013 northern Mali rebellion? France
  90. Film director Michael Winner (1935-2013) was also a noted critic/commentator on: Theatre; Music; Restaurants; or Technology/Gadgets? Restaurants
  91. Which two very public figures - one the godfather of the other's child - reportedly ended their friendship when one accused the other of inappropriate liaisons with his wife? Rupert Murdoch and Tony Blair
  92. Name the Canadian airline which announced and began taking bookings for a first-for-many years budget transatlantic fare, via Dublin and Newfoundland: EastJet; WestJet; CoolJet; or BudJet? WestJet (scheduled to begin flying Oct 2014)
  93. Amazon announced the testing of what delivery method during 2013: Carrier Pigeon; Quantum Teleportation; Pizza delivery networks; or Drone? Drone (an unmanned flying machine)
  94. What Roman numerals denote American Football's 2013 Super Bowl: XLVI; XLVII; XLIX; or MCXLII? XLVII (47 - Super Bowl I was in 1967)
  95. In 2013 Veronica Mars became the biggest and fastest fund-raising film project (to date) via which crowdfunding platform? Kickstarter (.com and Inc)
  96. Name the famously unbeaten Australian racehorse which retired in 2013? Black Caviar
  97. Which nation won the 2013 Women's Cricket World Cup: Australia; New Zealand; England; or Germany? Australia
  98. Which country topped the medal table at the 2013 Track Cycling World Championships: France; Australia; Great Britain; or Germany? Great Britain
  99. Name the hugely popular US country music star (1931-2013) whose recordings over six decades included 'She Thinks I Still Care'? George Jones
  100. In the (standard western) Gregorian calendar which day of the week was the first day of 2013? Tuesday

Total points available including bonuses (extra 21 pts) and questions requiring more than one answer (extra 9 pts) are 130.

Based on absolutely no science or validation whatsoever here is a score key:

1-10 = better than nothing; 11-20 = better than 1-10; 21-30 = very good if you were very drunk; 31-40 = amazingly good for a drunk; 41-50 = actually quite good even if you were for sober; 51-60 = almost seriously impressive; 61-70 = seriously impressive; 71-80 = you have what is called a 'beautiful mind', or if this was a team score then one of you has a 'beautiful mind', or all of you have minds that some people would find somewhat attractive; 81-90 = you have a mind so beautiful that birds and squirrels fall from the trees as you float past, or you bribed the team which marked your scores, or the team which marked your scores was too drunk to add up properly; 91-100 = someone on your team is from outer space; 101-110 = all of your team is from outer space; 111-120 = your are the quiz champions from the planet Zarg; 121-130 = you are the quiz champions of the entire universe.

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