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quizballs 281 - free general knowledge quiz - questions and answers for trivia quizzes and pub quizzes


  1. In physics, what is a substance that continually deforms/flows under applied stress, including liquids, gases and plasmas? Fluid
  2. What political philosophy is named after its Greek derivation 'one without rulers'? Anarchism (quizmasters may consider the term 'anarchy' a correct answer, however it is not strictly a philosophy, rather a situation)
  3. What was the Nintendo corporation's first main product line: TVs; Cars; Telephones; or Playing cards? Playing cards
  4. The 'Turing test' assesses whether a computer possesses what characteristic: Security; Reliability; Predictability; or Human? Human (i.e., its responses to human communication are indistinguishable from human responses - that is to say the computer can 'think' and communicate [albeit via digital output] like a human, which might be regarded as a form of articifial intelligence)
  5. What symbol appears on the German Euro Cent coins and pre-Euro pfennigs? Oak twig (or Oak leaves and acorns)
  6. What major group of organisms possess bodily features called operculum, caudal peduncle, and photophores? Fish
  7. In the mechanics of gryoscopes and maritime compasses, etc., the inner/outer rings which form a self-levelling frame is called a: Thimble; Tremble; Gimbal; or Cymbal? Gimbal (whose Latin etymology is shared by gemini, plural of geminus, twin)
  8. Super, Magic, Brønsted and Lewis are prefixes for chemical substance? Acid
  9. Which capital city is located at 64°08'N 21°56'W? Reykjavík (capital of Iceland - bonus point if you can spell it correctly - Reykjavík not Iceland..)
  10. The highest paved road in the world, the 1,300km Karakoram Highway, connects which two nations: USA-Russia; Russia-China; China-Pakistan; or Canada-USA? China-Pakistan
  11. Artichoke is a variety of: Rose; Thistle; Potato; or Pea? Thistle
  12. The term 'ignition' derives from which archaic 'element': Fire; Water; Air; or Earth? Fire (from Latin ignis, fire)
  13. What are the two remaining 'living' Baltic languages (each of ex-Soviet Union republics)? Lithuanian and Latvian (or Lettish)
  14. Who proposed the 'three basic activities of man': Theoria, Poiesis and Praxis (concerned respectively with the purposes of knowledge: Truth, Production, Action): Leonardo da Vinci; Sigmund Freud; Aristotle; or Adolf Hitler? Aristotle
  15. What is the main nationality of the Yakuza (or gokudo/boryokudan/ninkyo dantai) said to be (at early 2000s) the world's largest criminal organization? Japan
  16. In Greek mythology when Pandora opened her box (actually jar), all the evil spirits escaped, and only Elpis, goddess of (what?) remained? Hope
  17. A polygraph is more popularly called a: Lie detector; Phone call; Postcard; or Public opinion survey? Lie detector
  18. Medically which is deemed the most complete form of cleaning/hygiene: Disinfection; Sterilization; or Sanitization? Sterilization
  19. The children's story/TV character Noddy was created in 1949 by which English author? Enid Blyton
  20. Alluding to remembering something, what was the standard form of quick recorded business communication before email? Memo (or Memorandum - other interesting Latin terms and expressions)


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