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quizballs 279 - free general knowledge quiz - questions and answers for trivia quizzes and pub quizzes


  1. Into which body of water does the river Nile empty? Mediterranean Sea
  2. Which colour/color is generally considered between violet and green in the optical spectrum: Red; Orange; Yellow; or Blue? Blue
  3. Automotive/car batteries typically contain lead plates in a mixture of water and what acid? Sulphuric/Sulfuric (about 38%)
  4. Which organ of the human body comprises the dermis and epidermis? Skin
  5. In 2013 which nation became the first in Europe to recognize indeterminate gender (neither male nor female) in official registration/records: Italy; Germany; Sweden; or Greece? Germany
  6. The strange 500-year-old hyphenated description of excessive friendliness is 'Hail-(what-three-words?): Buddy-hi-ya; Chap-what-ho; Chum-ho-hum; or Fellow-well-met? Fellow-well-met ('Hail-fellow-well-met', from 16thC English, is an adjective referring to an unnaturally friendly person/action, usually male, driven by loneliness or other ulterior purpose)
  7. The soccer clubs of which two cities compete in a match traditionally called 'el clasico'? Madrid and Barcelona (Real Madrid and Barcelona football clubs)
  8. Developed in 1941, the Nickel-Strunz classification scheme categorizes: Radioactivity; Minerals; Helicopters; or Potatoes? Minerals (based on chemical composition, named after the creators, German/Canadian mineralogists Karl Strunz/Ernest Nickel)
  9. The word 'cant' (not 'can't') refers to talk/communication characterized by: Hypocrisy; Aggression; Love; or Fear? Hypocrisy (typically of patronizing religious or political nature)
  10. The flower buds of the Flinders rose (Capparis spinosa), pickled for culinary seasoning/garnish, are more commonly called what? Capers
  11. Something which is gynandromorphous contains which two characteristics? Male and Female (from Greek gyne, female, and andro, male)
  12. In espionage tradecraft what handover method does the acronym DLB refer to? Dead Letter-Box (a receptacle or hiding place of some sort for secret things to be deposited by one agent and later collected by another, so that one never meats the other, and the handover cannot be witnessed - also known as a 'dead drop')
  13. In Spanish-speaking nations a hacienda is a big what: Estate; Celebration; Tree; or Lake? Estate (such as a ranch or plantation, traditionally with a big house occuped by the estate-owner)
  14. Which symbol is derived from Greek meaning 'small star'? Asterisk (from asteriskos)
  15. What common three-letter word prefixes the following to make six different words: Age, Bid, Give; Mat; Tress and Tune? For
  16. The (International Standards Organization) ISO 4217, within which TRY refers to Turkey, provides designations for international: Currencies; Airports; Sports stadia; or Traditional dress/costume? Currencies
  17. The drinks Sprite and 7 Up traditionally comprise which two-fruit combination: Orange-Lemon; Apple-Lemon; Lemon-Lime; or Pear-Apple? Lemon-Lime
  18. Italian physicist Alessandro Volta (1745-1827) is considered to be the inventor of the electric: Chair; Light; Battery; or Blanket? Battery
  19. The abbreviation LGBT, notably referring to rights/controversy such as that surrounding Russia's hosting of the 2014 Winter Olympics, stands for what? Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual, Transgender
  20. Which meteorological word is said to be based on a 17thC portmanteau of squeal and bawl? Squall


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