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quizballs 277 - free general knowledge questions for trivia quizzes and pub quizzes


  1. Which country is officially named Bharat (and many similar cultural variations), eponymously based its ancient legendary emperor?
  2. Which ubiquitous logo lost its shading, bevelling, and some colour/color brightness in 2013?
  3. Which country borders Colombia, Ecuador, Bolivia and Chile?
  4. The Pascal (Pa) is a unit of measurement of what: Frequency; Pressure; Electric Potential; or Energy?
  5. The town name and placename suffix Lee, Lea, Ley, Leigh, etc., all originally refer to a: Hill; House; Clearing; or River?
  6. The alphabetically first-listed internet top-level domain (used quite differently as a subdomain by educational institutions) belongs to which island?
  7. What does the 'Waffen' mean in the World War II German 'Waffen SS': Secret; Armed; Pure; or Police?
  8. Stereo (as in stereophonic, stereogram, etc) originally meant in Greek: Loud; Solid; Two; or Ear?
  9. The word Tsar derives for which earlier famous leadership name and title?
  10. What two-word term refers to a coastal tide of little movement, especially when turning from low to high?
  11. What must an earthly spacecraft exit for its travel to be interstellar: Stratosphere; Atmosphere; Geospace; or The Solar System?
  12. Name the (founding) nationality of the 2010s women's rights group Femen, bare-breasted ambushers of Vladimir Putin and Parish Fashion Week, etc?
  13. The two hugely popular triangular and barrel-shaped logos of the mid 1900s UK brewery industry were which colour/color?
  14. According to the popular metaphorical expression, "Revenge is a dish best served (what?)": Sweet; Cold; Bitter; or With Relish?
  15. Which type of creature can reputedly uniquely disguise itself as at least fifteen different species in defensive camouflage: Octopus; Lizard; Butterfly; or Stick-insect?
  16. What is the square root of 529?
  17. Bushmills, Jameson, Tullamore Dew, and Writers Tears are brands of what nation's what (two-word answer required)?
  18. What creature appears in the coat of arms of Berlin: Lion; Eagle; Boar; or Bear?
  19. A dosimeter measures human absorption of: Sexually Transmitted Infection; Ionizing Radiation; Lead/Lead compounds; or Alcohol?
  20. What, respectively are the archaic middle-English (for example used by Shakespeare in the 1500s) second-person and third-person singular present forms of the verb 'do' (two answers required)?


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