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quizballs 276 - free general knowledge quiz - questions and answers for trivia quizzes and pub quizzes


  1. What two-verb expression refers to a formal notification to stop an activity, prior to legal action: Stay and Suspend; Defer and Delay; Cease and Desist; or Waive and Adjourn? Cease and Desist
  2. Largely abusing Catholic/Vatican connections, the 'Ratlines' of World War II enabled escape from Europe and resettlement for whom? Nazis (and Fascists, especially those fleeing war-crimes retribution - the Ratlines were the main routes to resettlement in South America)
  3. Imperative, perfect, pluperfect, perfect, and infinitive are types of: Sentences; Adjectives; Verbs; or Prepositions? Verbs
  4. Hewer is an old occupational name for which trade? Miner (Hew is an old English word meaning to chop/cut stone or wood)
  5. What popular spirit drink brand includes a bat in its logo? Bacardi (apparently because fruit bats occupied the distillery where production was relocated in 1862)
  6. Viewed from the front, the stripes (W=White, B=Black) of a European badger's head are, left to right: BWB; WBW; BWBWB; or WBWBW? WBWBW
  7. The 'Tube' in the website name YouTube also refers informally to what traditional display technology, abbreviated to CRT? Cathode Ray Tube (the principle display component of a television or monitor - a sealed vaccum glass unit comprising screen and electron emission gun[s])
  8. The development of what sort of pumping engine in 1785 gave rise to the description 'draught/draft' for its pumped product? Beer (a hand-pump mechanism used to serve draft/draught beer is called a beer engine - nowadays other than for 'real ales' pumps are driven by gas pressure or electric motor)
  9. The eponymous stairway to heaven dreamed by Joseph's father in Bible's book of Genesis is famously known as what? Jacob's Ladder
  10. The German company Recaro famously produces what high-performance product? Seats (for cars, other vehicles, and football stadium squad benches..)
  11. What business model name derives from Old French 'free' and a late-Middle Ages English grant of legal immunity? Franchise/Franchising (from 'franc', Old French for free - adopted into English corporate law as a grant of legal immunity, which in turn evolved to be franchising - see franchising in the business dictionary)
  12. What is a PC's Alt key traditionally called on a MacIntosh computer? Option
  13. What profession is shared by Joseph Stiglitz, Milton Friedman, Ken Galbraith, and Janet Yellen? Economist
  14. What became known in the 1800s as 'the gay science': Biology; Cookery; Poetry; or Astrology? Poetry (extending to songs, the term was popularized by the 1882 book of that name - Die fröhliche Wissenschaft - by Friedrich Nietzsche, after earlier use by Ralph Waldo Emmerson, among others)
  15. The Decembrists unsuccessfully attempted a revolt against the monarch of which country in 1825? Russia (against Tsar Nicholas I)
  16. Which global confectioner started its business in 1920 making 'gummibärchen'? Haribo (gummibärchen means 'little gummy bear')
  17. The popular UK 2010s acronymic 'Towie' fashion/lifestyle derives from what? The Only Way Is Essex (TV reality show)
  18. A satisfying, balanced and nutritious meal is said to be what shape? Square (thought derived from nautical tradition when such meals were served to crew on square platters)
  19. What is the correct representation of the burger chain brand: MacDonald's; McDonalds; MacDonalds'; or McDonald's? McDonald's
  20. Monandry refers to having at any one time only one: Option; Job; Home; or Husband? Husband


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