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quizballs 275 - free general knowledge quiz - questions and answers for trivia quizzes and pub quizzes


  1. Which country borders Finland, Kazakhstan, and Mongolia? Russia
  2. What is the fourth root of 625 (i.e., what number multiplied by itself four times is 625)? 5
  3. What analytical field is traditionally called 'the dismal science'? Economics (coined by Scottish philosopher/writer Thomas Carlyle in the 1800s)
  4. The devastating water-borne disease Schistosomiasis, or Snail Fever, is more commonly called what? Bilharzia (after German scientist Theodor Bilharz, who identified it and the parasitic blood-flukes which cause it - a chronic disease found where water supplies are dirty, also carried by fresh water snails, considered second only to malaria in its damage to global population/health)
  5. Beers called Budweiser are named after a city of which modern nation: Germany; USA; Czech Republic; or Canada? Czech Republic (Budweiser is German for something/someone from the 13th century brewery city of Ceské Budejovice in Southern Bohemia, now Czech Republic - two Czech corporations and one US corporation continue to contest the trademarks Budweiser and Budvar in different parts of the world)
  6. A burgh in Scotland (as in Edinburgh) originally meant a: Hill; Port; River; or Corporate entity? Corporate entity (typically a town, equating to a borough as originally defined in England and elsewhere)
  7. What French term refers to the standing on 'tip-toes' position in ballet? Pointe
  8. Informally called the 'three-fingered salute', what bizarre enduring Microsoft keypad command interrupts a pc operation and opens a task manager? Control-Alt-Delete (or abbreviated to Ctrl+Alt+Del)
  9. What (originally US) slang for earthly deposits worth mining is a metaphorical term for a potentially profitable/useful discovery or idea? Pay Dirt
  10. Name the organizational exception in this group, and the differentiating organizational feature it does not share with the others (two answers required): McDonald's, Avis Rent a Car, Hilton Hotels, Snap-on Tools, HSBC? HSBC is not a Franchise organization
  11. What term referring (in the northern hemisphere) to something/someone of Australia/NZ derives from Greek 'those who have their feet opposite'? Antipodean
  12. What was abolished in the British Empire in 1833, the French Colonies in 1848, and the USA in 1865? Slavery
  13. Spell the word: Acomodate; Acommodate; Accomodate; Accommodate? Accommodate
  14. Sassafras, a traditional aromatic ingredient of perfume and medicine, is a: Tree; Seaweed; Insect; or Pig-gland? Tree (from USA)
  15. Gustatory perception refers to which of the five traditional human senses? Taste (Latin gustus, taste)
  16. English physicist Nicholas Culpeper's famous 1653 human healthcare book was the 'Complete (What?)': Herbal; Astrology; Athlete; or Barber? Herbal
  17. What profession uses a sangar (probably from Persian for stone): Dentist; Soldier; Pilot; or Sculptor? Soldier (a sangar is a small protected stucture for firing/observing)
  18. In 2013 Israel's Prime Minister Benjamin Netanjayu controversially made the news for reportedly suggesting what could not be worn freely in Iran: Jewellery; Jeans; Leather Jackets; or Jodhpurs? Jeans
  19. Revolutionary Che Geuvara (1928-67) was born and killed respectively in: Cuba and Mexico; Chile and USA; Paraguay and Venezuela; or Argentina and Bolivia? Argentina and Bolivia
  20. What US corporation originated and became a genericized trademark for the common cylindrical lock? Yale


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