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quizballs 274 - free general knowledge quiz - questions and answers for trivia quizzes and pub quizzes


  1. What word makes five new words when prefixed with: Form, Fume, Jury, Son, and Verse? Per (meaning 'for each')
  2. What term, originally German, refers to the imprint in snow made when falling backwards: Fallenbach; Schnodent; Gappeneitz; or Sitzmark? Sitzmark (or originally Sitzmarke)
  3. Named onomatopoeically, a sistrum is an ancient Egyptian instrument of: Musical percussion; Torture; Water-dowsing; or Navigation? Musical percussion (for example as made today using a V-shaped frame, wire, and flattened bottle-tops - to make a 'sh-shing' jingling sound)
  4. From Latin meaning 'stake', what is the hinged or pivoted catch preventing reverse motion of a ratchet wheel: Pawl; Stawl; Rawl; or Yawl? Pawl (from palus, stake, from which the fascinating expression 'beyond the pale' derives)
  5. What traditional strong ceramic material is named ultimately from a pig? Porcelain (Latin porca/porcus, sow/pig - via Italian references to the texture of a cowrie [large sea-snail] shell, named a porcellana, 'like a young sow' [in shape])
  6. What does the Greek prefix 'iso' mean: Many; Long; Equal; or Two? Equal
  7. How many curves characterize a Cupid's Bow: One; Two; Three; or Four? Two
  8. Superannuation is an alternative (and Australian/NZ) term for what sort financial payment scheme? Pension/Retirement
  9. The mythological Phoenix bird originally and essentially symbolized: Fire; Ashes/Remains; Flight; or Rebirth? Rebirth (its legend was basically that it regenerated by rising from its own ashes, and as such was a popular symbol of early Christianity)
  10. What part of the human body contains bone-forms called Phalange, Cuneiform, Talus and Calcaneus? Foot
  11. What legendary man-trapping creature is actually the world's the largest living bivalve mollusk? Giant Clam (while potentially big and strong enough, giant clams are not generally considered to be a real threat to people)
  12. Musk, a common basic fragrance, takes its name from Sanskrit 'muska' meaning: Flower; Deer; Lemon; or Scrotum? Scrotum
  13. The roadrunner (Geococcyx, or chaparral bird) is a member of which bird family: Loon; Cuckoo; Stork; Ostrich? Cuckoo
  14. What swirly pattern is named after the administrative central town of Renfrewshire in Scotland? Paisley (specifically after the shawls made in Paisley of this pattern in the early 1800s)
  15. What does the pencil grade HB stand for? Hard Black
  16. What characteristic of Borneo ranks it among the largest five globally: Island; Mountain; Lake; or Population? Island (fourth largest, behind Australia, Greenland and New Guinea, or third if Australia is excluded, as some prefer)
  17. The Malayalam language is from, and still used by over 30 million people in: China; Malaysia; India; or Australia? India (Kerala)
  18. Copra is the dried white meat or flesh of what? Coconut
  19. What does the internet top level domain '.cat' represent? Catalan (language/culture)
  20. What term refers to a traditional alternative to electronic or digital technology, and separately to something which corresponds to another? Analogue (see analogy/analogous/analogue in the linguistics glossary)


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