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quizballs 273 - free general knowledge quiz - questions and answers for trivia quizzes and pub quizzes


  1. What sort of artworks are the Cloth of St Gereon, Hunt of the Unicorn, Apocalypse, Wawel, and New World? Tapestries
  2. The European rebec/rebeck, Arabic rebab/rebeb, and Cretan lyra, are old instruments played with: Beater; Plectrum; Bow; or Breath? Bow (ancestors of the violin)
  3. The '(What number-th?) Amendment' refers to US legal or informal refusal to answer a self-incriminating/awkward question? Fifth
  4. Spell the traditional aromatic root fizzy soft drink: Sasporilla; Sasparilla; Sarsporilla; or Sarsaparilla? Sarsaparilla (it's from Spanish zazaparilla, and zarza, 'little bramble vine')
  5. The hamburger is named after: Burgundy (France); Hamburg (Germany); Ham (pork); or John Hamburg (chef/inventor)? Hamburg (Germany) (originally 'Hamburg steak')
  6. Which numbers refer informally to a combination of impactful events, derived from a boxing metaphor? One-Two
  7. What sort of flooring meant in French 'small enclosed space'? Parquet
  8. A V-shaped tenon joint in woodworking is commonly named after which creature-part? Dovetail (or less commonly and still acceptably Swallowtail or Fantail)
  9. Which sea, with ports Venice and Split, is the northernmost part of the Mediterranean Sea? Adriatic Sea
  10. Greave, Cuisset, Tasset, Paulron, and Visor are parts of what sort of workwear suits? Armour (more precisely full plated suits of armour, worn by soldiers, notably mounted/cavalry in historic times - Greave - lower leg, Cuisset - upper leg, Tasset - hips/waist, Paulron - shopulder, and Visor - face)
  11. NASA's Voyager I probe, leaving our solar system 12 billion miles from Earth in September 2013, contains a voice message from which US president, in office at its launch? Jimmy Carter (launched 1977)
  12. Name the author of the British children's TV animated series The Herbs, and Paddington book series? Michael Bond
  13. The word 'idea' derives from Greek meaning the sense to: Hear; See; Smell; Touch; or Taste? See (from 'idein' - from which 'idea' is the ancient Greek word for form or pattern)
  14. Which country first bred Doberman Pinscher dogs? Germany (after breeder Ludwig [or Karl Friedrich Louis] Dobermann, and the cross-bred 'pinscher', a terrier-like rat-catcher, with 'pinched' ears)
  15. A litany originally referred to a repetitious series of communications in: School; Church; Court; or Advertising? Church (prayers, from the Greek 'litaneia' - traditionally by clergy in response to the pope)
  16. Related to Bonsai, what is the defining characteristic of the artforms: Penjing, Saikei, and Hòn Non Bô: Miniature; Gigantic; Wood; or Paper? Miniature (respectively Chinese, Japanese, and Vietnamese miniature planted landscapes - extending the Japanese art of bonsai [miniature trees] and international equivalents)
  17. Name the generally synthesized music genre pioneered by Brian Eno in the 1970s: World; Ambient; Prog rock; or Space rock? Ambient
  18. Botulism refers originally to poisoning from what foodstuff? Sausage (from German 'botulismus' sausage-poisioning, from Latin botulus, sausage)
  19. What grammatical term, from Greek 'form', is a single indivisible part of a word having meaning or linguistic purpose? Morpheme (see morpheme)
  20. What acronymic internet alternative to traditional university campus learning was substantially extended in the UK in 2013: ESWOTs; MOOCs; QUEEKs; or E-XAMs? MOOCs (Massive Open Online Courses - see MOOCs in acronyms)


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