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quizballs 271 - free general knowledge questions for trivia quizzes and pub quizzes


  1. Which trade is historically associated with Flamenco music and dance: Plumber; Blacksmith; Roofer; or Fisherman?
  2. Tony Abbott became leader of which country in 2013?
  3. What is the trade-related pseudonym of the German-Finnish internet entrepreneur and founder of Megaupload, sought early 2000-2010s by US authorities in relation to filesharing and copyright charges?
  4. Architect Rafael Vinoly gained extra fame in 2010 and 2013 when two of his buildings caused reflected light to: Make rainbows; Block aviation signals; Attract insect swarms; or Melt cars?
  5. In the modern early 2000s Barclays Bank logo which two letters are joined: BA; RC; LA; or YS?
  6. Which small north Sweden city famous for iron ore mining began a 20 year 'brick-by-brick' relocation to 2 miles away in 2004 due to fissures affecting its foundations?
  7. Which European city failed in 2013 for the third time in succession to win its bid to host the Olympic Games: Lisbon; Berlin; Madrid; or Dublin?
  8. What three-letter word prefixes these words to create four new words: Lance; Rot, Snip; Son?
  9. What originally and literally is a margherita in the Italian language?
  10. Dassault, Embraer, Grob, and Sino Swearingen are makers of which high-end transport: Blimps; Executive jets; Commuter bicycles; or Snow-mobiles?
  11. What resin is secreted by India's female Kerria lacca insect, used in old 78rpm records and a cosmetic nail treatment?
  12. The word 'pukka', referring to genuine/good quality, is from which language: Japanese; Hindustani; Finnish; or Hebrew?
  13. Which corporation acquired Nokia in 2013?
  14. A 'Passion Play' is a dramatic work about whose life?
  15. In language/text a 'tittle' commonly refers to what feature of a letter: Crossbar; Point; Dot; or Tail?
  16. Gemini Force One is a 21st century extension of what secretive organization: CIA; MI6; KGB; or Thunderbirds?
  17. In which city are the 11sqkm Nazi party rally grounds and buildings which hosted Hitler's vast gatherings 1933-38?
  18. The Gear is a 2013 smart-wristwatch product innovation of which corporation?
  19. In the early 2010s which country was judged to have the world's biggest oil reserves given the viability of the Orinoco River Belt heavy crude deposits?
  20. What are the generally accepted five main tastes of the human tongue?


quizballs 271 - free quiz answers for trivia quizzes and pub quizzes


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