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quizballs 268 - free general knowledge quiz - questions and answers for trivia quizzes and pub quizzes


  1. What ancient Greek design, a line doubling back forming square shapes, and term meaning 'wander', took its name from the Maiandros river? Meander (the river is now the Buyuk Menderes in Turkey)
  2. What/who was Yahweh, (expanded from Hebrew YHWH), in the ancient kingdoms of Israel and Judah: Sea; Sun; God; or Bread? God
  3. What medieval architectural feature was typically designed to the disadvantage of right-handed swordsmen? Spiral staircase (the clockwise upwards spiral assumed occupants would be defending against mainly right-handed attackers moving up the staircase, giving right-handed defenders much more movement for the fighting arm)
  4. What nowadays eponymous popular reference book was originally titled 'Anatomy: Descriptive and Surgical'? Gray's Anatomy (originally authored by English anatomist and surgeon Henry Gray, 1827-61)
  5. What is the traditional flavour/flavor additive in cream soda? Vanilla
  6. The Continental Divide, also called the Great Divide, refers chiefly to the peaks of which mountain range? Rocky Mountans (USA)
  7. Pinhole, Ring, Miles, Porta and Dolman are similar tests to determine right/left dominance in what? Eyes (Ocular Dominance)
  8. In technical definition, what does a stage musical have that an operetta generally does not: Dancing; Orchestra; Scenery; or A Story? Dancing
  9. On which island is the popular Caribbean resort abbreviated to 'Mobay'? Jamaica (Montego Bay - interestingly originally Manteca Bahia - 'Bay of Lard', due to traditional lard-processing from local wild boar)
  10. What highly symbolic term refers to a meteor typically defined as "a meteor brighter than any of the planets"? Fireball
  11. Chintu, Chutti, Maa Junior, Kushi and Pogo are Indian what for children? TV Channels
  12. Arnova, made by the French corporation Archos, is an 'entry level' brand of what: Musical instruments; Ski equipment; Tablet computers; or Kitchenware? Tablet computers
  13. What is the iconic and popular Amplemännchen, devised in East Germany c.1960, extending to unified Germany from 1990? Pedestrian traffic light signal symbol (or similar words - or literally 'Little Traffic Light Man' - which according to Bremmen University research is Europe's most immediate and effective symbol for pedestrian crossings)
  14. Harold Pinter's famous 1957 play The Dumb Waiter is about two: Chefs; Waiters; Waitresses; or Hit-men? Hit-men
  15. What dental term refers to the appearance of new teeth in the mouth: Eruption; Explosion; Revelation; or Outburst? Eruption
  16. What is the old common name for Hamamelis or Winterbloom and its extract, used for skin/bruises/acne treatment (and dowsing)? Witch Hazel
  17. Which national tea brand, which uses its prior country name, is indicated by a sword-holding lion? Ceylon Tea (from Sri Lanka)
  18. The piano maker Steinway & Sons is considered joint nationality of which two countries? Germany and USA
  19. Who sat in the 'Loose Box' of Edward VII's coronation at Westminster Abbey, his: Family; Bodyguards; Mistresses; or Pets? Mistresses
  20. The naming of 'The Ashes' England v Australia cricket trophy/series originally derives from what after their 1882 test match: Burnt stumps; Newspaper metaphor; Clubhouse fire; or Cremation of match umpire? Newspaper metaphor (The [British] Sporting Times reported that English cricket had 'died' after embarrassing defeat to Australia in the 1882 London Oval test. The analogy was developed by the media and also by the next England captain Ivo Bligh in referring to 'bringing back the ashes' in the following tour of Australia (which England did). The small terracotta urn [supposedly containing ashes of bail/bails or stumps or ball - no-one actually knows for sure] was presented for fun to Bligh by a group of Melbourne women after England's victory in the 1982-83 series, many months after the term originated.)


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