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quizballs 266 - free general knowledge questions for trivia quizzes and pub quizzes


  1. Pinophyta trees are characterized by what reproductive fruit?
  2. A funicular is what type of transport: Biplane; Railcar; Boat; or Tricycle?
  3. What Lockheed plane model is claimed to be the longest continuously produced military aircraft in history (at 2013)?
  4. What word prefixes the following words to make five new words: Cake, Cloth, Cutter, Straw and Plant?
  5. Which two major publishers merged in 2013 to achieve 25% global book market share?
  6. What alternative therapy aims to remove poisonous metals/calcium from the body using the same-named chemical process by which ligands (ions or molecules) bond to atoms?
  7. The traditional legal term 'tort' is commonly and technically a: Robbery; Civil wrong; Murder; or Kidnapping?
  8. What common term refers to an intentionally controversial or offensive radio presenter: Dip Stick; Jerk Off; Toss Pot; or Shock Jock?
  9. What social networking website attracted regulatory attention in summer 2013 after threats to female rights campaigners?
  10. What does the German word 'verboten' mean?
  11. The Gregorian Calendar, introduced in 1582, is named after Gregory, a: King; Pope; Farmer; or Brewer?
  12. The term Phrygian Cap refers to: Fungi; Birth control; Printing; or Headwear?
  13. On the birth of Prince George of Cambridge in 2013 who was relegated to 6th in line to the British throne?
  14. What is the measurement unit for linear mass density of fibres/fibers, commonly used in grading tights/stockings?
  15. How many farthings were in five pounds of pre-decimal British currency?
  16. Whom did London's Russells Solicitors accidentally expose in July 2013 with 'disappointingly' successful consequences for the exposed client?
  17. The medical condition Urticaria is more commonly known as: Hives; Headache; Obesity; or Pregancy?
  18. Which nation in 2013 became the first to legalize marijuana production and sale?
  19. Before 1967 BBC Radio 2 was called the '(What?) Programme': Bright; Night; Light; or World Service?
  20. In what order should the (metaphorical 'time-management story') bucket be filled with Water, Sand, Rocks and Pebbles to ensure optimal use of the available capacity?


quizballs 266 - free quiz answers for trivia quizzes and pub quizzes


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