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quizballs 265 - free general knowledge quiz - questions and answers for trivia quizzes and pub quizzes


  1. An insect of the order Diptera is more commonly called a what? Fly (or True Fly, to differentiate from dragonflies, mayflies, etc - from Greek di, and ptera, two wings)
  2. The Duke of Wellington's suggestion of "Sparrowhawks" to Queen Victoria was made in connection with the control of birds at which London building? Crystal Palace (home of the 1951 Great Exhibition)
  3. The Fresnel lens (in which concentric steps maximise light focus and minimise lens weight), popular in the 1900s in vehicle lights, was first devised c.1820 for what application? Lighthouses (invented c.1820 by French engineer Augustin-Jean Fresnel, 1788-1827)
  4. Babel Fish is an icon/metaphor/brand for instantaneous what? Translation (originally featured as a sci-fi creature-gadget in Douglas Adams' radio/TV series The Hitchhiker's Guide to the Galaxy - the word babel refers to a mixed noise of several voices, from the biblical story in the book of Genesis, the Tower of Babel, a city of people all speaking the same language until God scattered them and confused their single language into different tongues)
  5. What legal term refers to the increasing of guilt or seriousness of a crime due to attendant circumstances such as intent, use of a weapon, severity of injury, etc? Aggravation (or Aggravated - for example racial or homophobic attacks are aggravated crimes, and assault with murderous intent is aggravated assault - aggravation is the opposite of mitigation or extentuation, which reduce guilt and gravity)
  6. Anaphylaxis is what sort of life-threatening illness: Allergic reaction; Virus; Heart attack; or Sexually transmitted disease? Allergic reaction (typically to bites, stings, foods, medications, etc)
  7. The words ephemera/ephemeral refer to things of a: Wild imagination; Vast scale; Tiny scale; or Brief duration? Brief duration (from Greek ephemeros, 'lasting only a day')
  8. What is the fruit of the Phoenix genus of plants? Dates (Phoenix plants are are palms - the name is from ancient Greece meaning date palm)
  9. Drudge Report, TMZ, Gawker and Perez Hilton are websites noted for: Sport; Environmental campaigning; Holiday bargains; or Exposing scandals? Exposing scandals (especially involving the rich and famous)
  10. Name the payday loan company brand which the UK Church of England both denounced and funded in 2013? Wonga (see lots more fascinating money slang)
  11. Which one of these refers to a summary rather than a verbatim quote? Abstract, Excerpt, Extract? Abstract
  12. What red fruit-juice-based drink whose name alludes to energy was first produced by John Noel Nichols in Manchester, 1908? Vimto (was originally Vim Tonic)
  13. What colour/color traditionally are the Smurf cartoon characters? Blue
  14. Which car manufacturer produced the models Giulietta, Berlina, Brera and Spider? Alfa Romeo
  15. Which vastly shrunken, once ubiquitous brand urged users to 'Let your fingers do the walking'? Yellow Pages (consumer services directory)
  16. What popular superhero is also the largest land-dwelling member of the Mustelidae (weasel) family? Wolverine
  17. To whom is this quote famously misattributed: "If I'd asked people what they wanted, they would have said faster horses." ? Henry Ford (see the Faster Horses quote and explanation)
  18. What gambling game takes its name from French for toad, supposedly from players' hunched positions? Craps (from crapaud, toad, because street dice players typically adopted hunched poses while playing)
  19. What vegetable's thinner lighter variant has an established alternative name 'Tenderstem'? Broccoli (the variant is known also as Broccolini)
  20. What chord is said punningly to be produced when dropping a piano down a mine-shaft? A Flat Minor (Miner)


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