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quizballs 264 - free general knowledge questions for trivia quizzes and pub quizzes


  1. What piece initially occupies H8 on a conventional chessboard diagram?
  2. What was Italian scientist Aloysius Lilius' globally significant chronological creation of 1582: Pocket Watch; Pocket Diary; Gregorian Calendar; or Sundial?
  3. The bay leaf plant originated what term of glory or repute?
  4. The term Hibernian refers to which nation: England; Scotland; Ireland; or Wales?
  5. The Latin 'cochleare majus' was the common 1700s term for what kitchen/chemist measurement?
  6. The South American tradename 'chiclero' refers to a worker who collects the raw material for which hugely popular confectionery product?
  7. US poet Henry Longfellow's epic 1855 poem 'The Song of (Who?)' also popularized which famous fictional Native American Indian woman, the central character's lover (two answers required)?
  8. The Patrouille de France is the national: Wine; Sandwich; Mountain; or Aerial Display Team?
  9. The bird group Merops Apiaster is more commonly named after what creature that it eats?
  10. The construction term 'soffit' refers to what aspect of an arch or overhang: Shadow; Angle; Underside; or Base?
  11. What old English four-letter word, in use today, means 'to avoid the risk of'?
  12. Which living things have phloem and xylem: Birds; Plants; Fish; or People?
  13. Spell the vegetable: Broccoli; Brocoli; Broccolli; or Brocolli?
  14. The Mitsubishi name means literally what in Japanese, as in its logo?
  15. What reptilian nickname is given to the lowest score in double-dice gambling, said by the superstitious to represent bad luck or treachery?
  16. What US term is a cocktail of spirit and fizzy mixer/water and ice, and slang verb for travel fast?
  17. In music what is the relative major chord of F#m (F sharp minor)?
  18. The mentha plant genus is more commonly called what?
  19. What anciently devised method of moving a liquid with minimal effort up and then down makes use of hydrostatic and atmospheric pressures and gravity?
  20. The early 2000s brands Heat, Fantasy, Pink Friday, Fame, and Lovely, are examples of celebrity product diversification into: Perfumes; Nightclubs; Diets; or Underwear?


quizballs 264 - free quiz answers for trivia quizzes and pub quizzes


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