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quizballs 263 - free general knowledge quiz - questions and answers for trivia quizzes and pub quizzes


  1. The Italian bread ciabatta is named literally (actually) after what footwear? Slipper
  2. The technical term abecedarian refers to what form of organization? Alphabetical (from Latin abecedarius, alphabetical, derived from the abcd sequence)
  3. What poker expression is a bold empty bluff or bad hand, and generally a brazen deceit: Ace High; Trump; Four Flush; or Five-Card-Trick? Four Flush (five cards of the same suit are required for a flush, which is usually a strong hand, so four the same are valueless - a 'four-flusher' refers to someone making a bold bluff or attempt to mislead others while lacking any actual substance)
  4. Name the famous maker of soy sauce whose logo/name represent '10,000 tortoises'? Kikkoman
  5. The massively popular Chinese website Taobao.com (10th busiest globally at 2013) operates in which sector: Dating; C2C shopping; Sport; News? C2C shopping (Consumer To Consumer - see also P2P, Peer-To-Peer)
  6. Which one of these is not among the four main human blood groups: A, B, AB, AO, O? AO
  7. The verb word 'proscribe' means to: Allow; Outline; Forbid; or Praise? Forbid (or denounce/condemn)
  8. What mountain range makes moist winds rise and precipitate causing the monsoon of SW Asia? The Himalayas
  9. The word Tet in the Tet Offensive (N Vietnam/Viet Cong against S Vietnam/US forces on 30 Jan 1968) referred to the national: Capital City; Religion; Leader; or New Year? New Year (Vietnamese NY broadly equating to the Chinese NY around end Jan/early Feb)
  10. The lollipop brandname Chupa Chups is based on the Spanish verb to what? Suck (chupar, to suck - the fascinating supplementary question, featured in Quizballs 96 is: Who designed the Chupa Chups logo?...)
  11. What does the 'tele' in television, telescope, telephone, etc., mean originally in Greek? Far (or Distanced or equivalent word[s])
  12. A natural bee honeycomb is made of what material? Wax (more precisely Beeswax)
  13. In physics which two of these are the basic characteristics of a vector quantity: Immobility, Magnitude, Weight, Direction? Magnitude and Direction
  14. What geographical feature refers metaphorically to a turning point in history, or a division between two periods? Watershed (a watershed in geography is a land ridge [shed] causing separated drainage of water to different rivers/lakes/basins, etc)
  15. What is the famous weaponry invention of Israeli army officer Uziel Gal (1923-2002)? Uzi submachine gun
  16. Which corporation developed the Encarta encyclopedia? Microsoft
  17. The traditional abbreviation AB for a seaman actually means what? Able-Bodied
  18. The biological term 'postorbital' refers to behind the: Eye; Heart; Brain; or Kneecap? Eye (or eye-socket)
  19. Which traditional southern US drink is strongly associated with the Kentucky Derby? Mint Julep (usually made with bourbon or whiskey, mint, sugar and water, although interpretations vary)
  20. What prefix word joins with hearted, house, ship and year to produce four other words? Light


quizballs 263 - free quiz questions only for trivia quizzes and pub quizzes


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