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quizballs 261 - free general knowledge quiz - questions and answers for trivia quizzes and pub quizzes


  1. What is the main ingredient of the modern breakfast food and energy bar called granola: Rice; Potato; Oats; or Coconut? Oats
  2. As at 2013 what country boasted the four most profitable banks in the world? China
  3. What term refers to the off-putting banter directed by bowlers/fielders to opposing batsmen on a cricket pitch? Sledging
  4. London's aptly renamed 42-floor 'Tower 42' has a footprint equating to the triangulated-chevrons logo of which original owner? Natwest (fully National Westminster Bank - completed in 1980 as the National Westminster Tower)
  5. The rights to which famous character were sold by creators Jerry Siegel and Joe Shuster to Detective Comics for $130 in 1937? Superman
  6. The Bugatti car logo features which reversed capital letter in a ligature with B, standing for the founder (Bugatti's) first name? E (for Ettore)
  7. What work-related term popularly refers to loan companies which offer short-term unsecured personal loans at high interest rates? Payday (Payday loan companies - because traditionally borrowers aim to make repayments on payday)
  8. The term forensic refers to investigative technologies and sciences in relation to: Law and crime; Dead things; Tiny details; or Laboratories? Law and crime (the word is from Roman times when forensis meant 'in open court', derived in turn from the Roman word forum, equating to a court)
  9. What is the traditional tradename for a person who works high up on church spires and chimneys? Steeplejack
  10. The 'morna' is the national music and dance style of which central Atlantic archipelago island nation? Cape Verde
  11. A cittern is a: Carpentry tool; Musical instrument; Bird; or Five-wheeled cycle? Musical instrument (a basic form of lute from around the 1500s Europe)
  12. What number features most prevalently internationally in toll-free or 'freefone' telephony: 600; 700; 800; or 900? 800 (common variations are 0800 and 1800, but in most nations of the world 800 is a recognized as a standard indicator of a toll-free/receiver-pays phone number)
  13. Name the CIA employee who famously became a whistleblower in 2013, revealing details of US/UK mass public surveillance? Edward Snowden
  14. Botija, udu, and ghatam are types of: Musical instruments; Rice; Vehicles; or Prayers? Musical instruments (of pot or jug design, for percussion or bass sounds)
  15. E20 and SW19 are codes famously associated with: Food; Sport; Aviation; or Cosmetics? Sport (E20 is the postcode of the 2012 London Olympic park, and SW19 is the postcode of the Wimbledon Tennis Club)
  16. What Indian Hindi-Urdu-derived word, orginally a place of assembly, refers in English to a multi-event equestrian contest, and in India to various sporting facilities? Gymkhana
  17. The Renaissance (from French, 're-birth') was a European cultural movement spanning which centuries: 4-7th; 7-10th; 14-17th; or 15-18th? 14-17th
  18. US composer/artist John Cage's most famous and controversial 1952 work, called 4'33", requires the musician(s) to play for its entire three-movement 4mins 33secs duration: The same note; As many notes as possible; At maximum volume; or Nothing? Nothing (for the audience to hear simply background noise as the musical experience)
  19. The straight-legged high-kicking march used by many military forces, especially ceremonially, is popularly called the what? Goosestep (it originated in the Prussian army in the 1700s, with the purpose of maintaining advancing troops in consistently spaced lines)
  20. According to legend, the Gordian Knot, cut by Alexander the Great, tethered a what? Cart (or chariot, generally told as an ox-cart, to a post or some other pillar - the legend, which symbolized and reinforced Alexander's claims to rule Asia, produced the metaphorical expression 'cutting the Gordian Knot', referring to a boldly creative solution to an impossibly difficult problem - and also the expression 'Alexandrian solution', in referring to such a solution.)


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