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quizballs 260 - free general knowledge quiz - questions and answers for trivia quizzes and pub quizzes


  1. What does the 'D' in the comic book corporation 'DC Comics Inc.' originally stand for? Detective (the C stood for Comics, so the modern name is a little illogical)
  2. What unusual shape might a rainbow adopt when seen from a plane flying above the clouds: Ring; Triangle; Square; Straight line? Ring
  3. Which one of these is not (at 2013) among the top ten currencies traded globally: US Dollar, Swiss Franc, Japanese Yen, Australian Dollar, or Russian Ruble? Russian Ruble
  4. In which country is the most remote (farthest away) place from any sea or ocean? China (in the Gurbantunggut Desert, or Dzoosotoyn Elisen Desert, Dzungarian Basin, in northern Xinjiang, in the north west of the People's Republic of China)
  5. Which bit of Napoleon Boneparte was famously claimed to have been acquired in the late 1900s for several thousand dollars by US medical scientist and war paraphernalia collector John Lattimer: Little finger; Big toe; Glass-Eye; or Penis? Penis (Incidentally Lattimer was the first independent examiner of medical evidence relating to the John Kennedy assassination, and is credited with discovering a cure for renal tuberculosis. He served as doctor for Nazi prisoners at the Nuremberg Trials at the end of WWII, by which he added Hermann Goring's underwear and cyanide capsule to his war paraphernalia collection, which also included Abraham Lincoln's blood-stained collar from the Ford Theatre assassination.)
  6. The biological mating theory that males seek novelty and females seek familiarity is known as the '(What US President?) Effect': Kennedy; Coolidge; Clinton; or Bush? Coolidge (after Calvin Coolidge, 1872-1933, US President 1923-29 - the story goes that President Cooidge and his wife were visting a farm. The farmer explained that the single cockerel mated very frequently indeed. "Tell that to Mr Coolidge," said Mrs Coolidge. Mr Coolidge asked the farmer if the cockerel preferred a certain hen. "No, he mates with all of them," said the Farmer. "Tell that to Mrs Coolidge," said Mr Coolidge.)
  7. What joint in the body leverages the fastest human motion: Hip; Knee; Shoulder; or Wrist? Shoulder (the evolution of which is considered partly responsible for the dominance of homo sapiens, since it enables distance and accuracy in throwing)
  8. Name the Australian Prime Ministers who replaced each other in 2010 and in 2013? Julia Gillard and Kevin Rudd
  9. The 'naut' in the words 'astronaut' and 'aeronaut' meant originally what? Sailor (from Greek nautes, sailor)
  10. Name the vast South Korean conglomerate including car-maker which went bankrupt in 1999? Daewoo
  11. What famously large and successful partnership uses motto: 'Never knowingly undersold'? John Lewis
  12. What iconic genus of fish (technical name Hippocampus) is considered the slowest swimming of all fish, whose dwarf species achieves no more than about 1.5metres per hour? Seahorse
  13. Graminoids are more commonly known as what plant form? Grasses
  14. What trade uses a pattress or pattress box: Carpenter; Electrician; Bricklayer; or Roofer? Electrician (it is the five-sided backbox for cables typically part of light-switches, power sockets and other units housing connected cables or fuses - often set into a wall cavity so that a front panel may be fixed fluchto the wall)
  15. The recently banned (considered non-pc) official 200 year-old Royal Naval toast to "Our wives and sweethearts.." is traditionally extended: "NORWICH"; "We'll meet again"; "Meet me in St Louis"; or "May they never meet"? "May they never meet.."
  16. In 2013 the (UK) Girl Guides and Boy Scouts Associations said they would no longer demand an oath of duty to what: Parents; Country; Animals; or God? God
  17. What is the Intel Corporation's famous and strangely apple-related processor brandname? Core
  18. In June 2013 US Texas State Senator Wendy Davis filibustered for 10 hours to obstruct Texas state laws concerning: GM Crops; Abortion; Guns; or Gay Marriage? Abortion
  19. (At 2013) the 230m high Heron Tower is the tallest skyscraper of which historical financial city centre district? London (City of London)
  20. Ingvar Kamprad founded what famous modern-day organization? IKEA (see IKEA acronym)


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