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quizballs 253 - free general knowledge quiz - questions and answers for trivia quizzes and pub quizzes


  1. A long-term experiment to demonstrate the viscosity of pitch (bitumen) at Australia's University of Queensland saw how many drops fall from a funnel of pitch between 1930-2012: 8,000, 800, 80, or 8? 8 (yes, eight drops in over eighty years.. pitch is a liquid, but only just.)
  2. What British army bugle call used at funerals originally signalled the end of the military day after final inspection? Last Post
  3. The main purpose of a bowline knot is to produce a: Loop (at a rope-end); Join (to another rope); Join (to a ring or post); or Stop (in roller/retaining devices)? Loop (a fixed loop at the end of a rope)
  4. Who, founder of the Mongol Empire, was the grandfather of the Mongol leader Kublai Khan (1215-94)? Ghengis Khan
  5. Meaning 'quiet loud' what is the full modern Italian name for the piano? Pianoforte
  6. Which people originated the game lacrosse? Dutch; Scottish; Native Americans; or Chinese? Native American
  7. Previously called Ezo/Yezo/Yeso/Yesso, what is Japan's north and second-largest island? Hokkaido
  8. What name for a type of railings/fence originally referred to a defensive line of wooden stakes sharpened and angled into the ground? Palisade (from Latin palus, stake, from which we also have the word impale)
  9. Which two creatures support the shield on Australia's official Coat of Arms (symbol)? Kangaroo and Emu (Red Kangaroo to be precise)
  10. What is the traditional Italian name for the text of an opera or musical? Libretto (from libra, book)
  11. The North Atlantic Drift ocean current over NW Europe starts as what at the US Florida Strait? Gulf Stream
  12. Cassia refers to variants of which spice? Cinnamon
  13. Chordata, Echinodermata, Anthropoda, and Anelida are four phyla (subgroups) of: Animals; Worms; Birds; or Plants? Animals
  14. What hero from Greek mythology was killed by a discus thrown by Apollo, who then named a flower after him, made from his spilled blood? Hyacinth
  15. Which country since the late 1900s has governed/overseen the increasing independence of the New Caledonia archipelago, east of Australia? France
  16. Lentils grow on: Trees; Bushes; Grasses; or Water? Bushes
  17. What gambling game is also a term for a perforating tool/process, e.g., to sheets of postage stamps? Roulette
  18. Serpula lacrymans is the technical name for what affliction of wood, notably in buildings? Dry rot
  19. Someone whose occupation is a gillie (or ghillie) works where: Slaughterhouse; Airport; Post-office; or Scottish Highlands? Scottish Highlands (a gillie or ghillie is an attendant/guide/assistant in activities such as fishing/hunting/gamekeeping in Scotland)
  20. What two-faced Roman god of beginnings and transitions is a name for a word which has two opposite meanings, and the derivation of the first month of the year? Janus (see Janus word - also called an auto-antonym)


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