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quizballs 252 - free general knowledge quiz - questions and answers for trivia quizzes and pub quizzes


  1. Bob, bowl, bun, chignon, and tonsure are types of what? Hairstyle
  2. What word appears before tilt, flood, face, house, and length, to produce five different terms? Full
  3. The French-English word 'torchon' refers to what French-style household item: Fondue cooker; Candle-stick; Table-lamp; or Tea-towel? Tea-towel (from the French verb torcher, to wipe)
  4. Swede Carl Linnaeus, 1707-78, considered the father of taxonomy of living things, is the lectotype (example specimen) for which species? Homo Sapiens (human beings)
  5. Clio, typically holding a scroll, is the ancient Greek muse of: History; Poetry; Tragedy; or Comedy? History
  6. Which one of these factors enables the superheating of water to more than 100oC: The heat source exceeds 1500oC; Being on top of a mountain; Being in outer space; or The receptacle inner surface is extremely smooth? The receptacle inner surface is extremely smooth (water will 'superheat' to more than 100oC if prevented from boiling - it can only begin to boil when bubbles can form, which is delayed by a smooth surface)
  7. Which two of these have an internationally defined height: 55 gallon drum (44 British/Commonwealth gallons); Skyscraper; Mountain; or Basketball hoop? 55 gallon drum and Basketball hoop
  8. What, resembling a tomato and pepper hybrid, is the edible fruit produced by Diospyros trees, source of ebony wood? Persimmon
  9. What physics term, a metaphor for meaningfulness, is the tendency of something to oscillate (with greater amplitude at some frequencies than at others)? Resonance
  10. The moral code, 'Treat others as you like to be treated', is known as the 'Ethic of (What)' - a principle of exchange for mutual effect/benefit, and word used variously in science and mathematics? Reciprocity
  11. The pseudo-Latin expression 'hax pax max Deus adimax' used in conjuring from the 1600s developed into what modern term referring to 'kidology' or nonsensical explanation? Hocus-pocus
  12. What descriptively prefixes a species of bear, cobra, and caiman (like an alligator), referring to something worn by some people? Spectacled
  13. Who famously became leader of the vast and powerful US Teamsters trade union in 1957, imprisoned in 1967, missing in 1975, and declared dead in 1982? Jimmy Hoffa (James Riddle Hoffa)
  14. What river in SW Europe rises in the Swiss Alps and flows over 500 miles through Lake Geneva, Lyons, to the Mediterranean west of Marseilles? Rhône
  15. The German 'Dosenwerfen', the French 'Chamboule-tout', and the British 'Aunt Sally' are: Puddings; Games; Knitting-styles; or Weapons? Games (specifically knock-down target throwing games, popular at fairs)
  16. The Amazon website logo includes what, in addition to the word? Arrow (orange, curved, cleverly connecting the 'A to z', also cleverly resembling a smile)
  17. Casement, awning, and hopper refer to different types of opening what? Windows (casement is side-hinged, awning is top-hinged, and hopper is bottom-hinged)
  18. Government legislation (EU, US, British 'Commonwealth' nations) is typically introduced via two 'paper' documents for discussion/explanation, respectively: Pink/White; White/Blue; Green/White; or White/Green? Green/White (Green Paper is for consultation/reporting/discussion - White Paper explains/justifies the proposed legislation - see white paper)
  19. The 'bacronym' (a reverse acronym) 'Query Newlyn Harbour' is used as a mnemonic in what field: Aviation; Theatre; Sailing; or Civil Engineering? Aviation (QNH is an aviation 'Q code', defined as 'barometric pressure adjusted to sea level', a crucial international pressure setting used by pilots and air traffic control to establish consitent altitude measures above mean sea level - Newlyn Harbour in Cornwall UK is the base of the [UK] National Tidal and Sea Level Facility)
  20. In computing and file-sharing what does P2P stand for? Peer To Peer (see P2P)


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