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quizballs 248 - free general knowledge quiz - questions and answers for trivia quizzes and pub quizzes


  1. How long (kilometres/miles) was the Berlin Wall: 4/2½; 8/5; 28/17½; or 140/87? 140km or 87miles (it surrounded West Berlin)
  2. Where in the human body are glial cells? Brain (they support the brain's neurons)
  3. Name the smartphone app devised by a London teenager bought by Yahoo for reportedly £18m in 2013? Summly (from Nick D'Aloisio and his investment partners - it is a news summary aggregator)
  4. What reductive metaphor refers to a percentage subtraction from the market value of an asset, which became a description for the EU-imposed tax on Cyprus bank deposits in 2013: Trim; Shave; Crop; or Haircut? Haircut
  5. Which US corporation sold its personal computer business including Thinkpad brand to the world-leading Chinese manufactuer Lenovo in 2005? IBM
  6. Opprobrium refers to a deep form of: Wisdom; Respect; Criticism; or Denial? Criticism (from Latin ob, against, and probrum, disgraceful act)
  7. What Caribbean dance shares its name with a religious concept of somewhere between heaven and hell? Limbo (the two identical words are not etymologically related - the dance name derives from limber meaning supple, and the religious meaning is from Latin limbus, the edge)
  8. Orogeny refers to the process by which what are created: Quicksands; Wormcasts; Molehills; or Mountains? Mountains (from Greek oros, mountain - orogeny is the lateral compression of the Earth's crust, causing it to fold and mountain ranges to rise)
  9. What medical/industrial sterilization equipment is named from the meaning 'self-fastening'? Autoclave (Greek autos is self, Latin clavus is nail and clavis is key)
  10. If you were a mounted soldier in medieval times what would two men called Sperrin and Homer each make for you (two answers required - the words sound a little like what they refer to)? Spurs and Helmet
  11. What term refers to an edge-strike in both drumming and basketball? Rimshot (in drumming the stick strikes rim and skin simultaneously; in basketball the ball strikes the rim of the ring and may or may not drop in)
  12. What item of apparel metaphorically (with colour prefix, usually black or white) refers informally to an internet hacker: Hat; Coat; Cape; or Cap? Hat (a black hat is a malicious hacker, a white hat is an approved/test/legitimate hacker; a grey/gray hat claims a helpful or useful purpose for unauthorized hacking - the term 'black hat' is also applied to clandestine/subversive/ website hosting)
  13. What fruit is a metaphorical business term for a sub-standard product, especially a faulty car: Lemon; Berry; Plum; or Banana? Lemon
  14. What is the project/brand name for Google's computerized spectacles: Lens; Glass; Spec; or 4i? Glass
  15. Cosa Nostra refers to what organization: Catholicism; Ferrari; Guggi; or The Mafia? The Mafia (literally 'our affair')
  16. Founded as Thames Ironworks FC in 1895, which football club (later renamed) will occupy the London Olympic Stadium from 2016 (a clue is in club nickname and badge)? West Ham United FC (nicknamed 'the hammers', which also featured in the club badge)
  17. Which famous smoker is associated with the expression 'three pipe problem'? Sherlock Holmes
  18. In 1998 who was the first 'First Lady' to appear on the cover of Vogue? Hilary Clinton
  19. The unrecognized state of Biafra existed from 1967-1970 in the south-east of which country? Nigeria
  20. Which long-standing anthropomorphic ursine creature did Dennis the Menace replace on the Beano comic's front cover in 1974? Biffo the Bear (ursine means bearlike)


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