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quizballs 245 - free general knowledge quiz - questions and answers for trivia quizzes and pub quizzes


  1. What uniquely specialized profession traditionally uses a Piscatory Ring? A Pope (also called Ring of the Fisherman, Annulus Piscatoris (Latin), Anello Piscatorio (Italian) - historically used as an official seal but nowadays is symbolic - a new one is made for each Pope, the name refers to the ring's cast image of St Peter, the fisherman, whom in Catholicism the Pope is considered successor - at the end of each Papal tenure the ring is destroyed with a Papal silver hammer)
  2. In which human sensory organ is Bruch's membrane? Eye
  3. The French-English word 'tronc' refers to what, shared by a number of people: Bicycles; Staff tips/gratuities; Guns; or Parenting duties? Staff tips/gratuities (and services charges - a pool of tips/service charges shared by staff in a bar, restaurant, hotel, etc., it meant originally 'collecting box' in French)
  4. A 2012-13 UK Competition Commission found basic failings of innovation, quality and integrity among the four globally dominant providers of what B2B service: Auditing; Banking; Insurance; or Real Estate/Property? Auditing (the four providers, KPMG, PwC, Deloites, Ernst & Young, issued strong rebuttals)
  5. Which country is famous for its Blue Lagoon hot springs bathing lake? Iceland
  6. What does HALO stand for in military/paratrooper terminology? High Altitude Low Opening (See HALO acronym and its other meanings)
  7. Bort or boart refers to waste/inferior what, used for industrial purposes? Diamonds (for drills and saws, etc)
  8. The term phylum generally refers to a classification of: Living things; Medicine; Facial expressions; or Photography? Living things (plural is phyla - a phylum is typically a major evolutionary branch or family of species - phylogeny is the evolutionary history of taxonomic groups - from Greek phyle and phylon, meaning race or tribe)
  9. What 2nd World War US pilot's alliterative expression for an unidentified flying object, from the 'Smoky Stover' cartoon strip, inspired the name of a rock band? Foo Fighter
  10. What was the first element discovered in space (actually at the Sun)? Helium (1868 by French astronomer Jules Janssen, subsequently clarified/named by English scientists Norman Lockyer and Edward Frankland, after Helios, Greek god of the Sun)
  11. What smartphone operating system increased its market share from 4% in 2009 to 70% in 2013? Android (Google)
  12. Devised in 1920 from Russian research into proximity sensing, what eponymous musical instrument is controlled by the player's proximity to it? Theremin (after Russian inventor, Leon Theremin - in Russian, Lev Sergeyevich Termen)
  13. The famously gruelling c.1,100mile (1,800km) Iditarod Trial Dog Sled Race is run annually each March where: North/South Poles; Chile; Finland; or Alaska? Alaska (from Anchorage to Nome taking about 8-9 days - Iditarod is an old mining ghostown on one of the two alternating routes used odd/even years)
  14. A gimlet tool is traditionally shaped like the letter: T; S; V; or D? T (it's a simple small hand-drill with a cross-handle)
  15. The prefix 'neo' (neocon, Neolithic, neo-Nazi, neonatal, etc) means: New; Old; Nearly; or Extreme? New (or revived, from Greek neos, new)
  16. The word psalm derives from meaning a song sung to what instrument: Guitar; Harp; Piano; or Organ? Harp (from Greek psalmos, and psallein, pluck)
  17. Przewalski's (what?) is the once extinct (in the wild, Mongolia) now reintroduced and only true wild: Horse; Cow; Pig; or Turkey? Horse (other 'wild' horses are considered descended from escaped domesticated animals - zebras and wild asses are generally not defined as horses - Przewalski's Horse is named after Russian geographer and explorer Nikolai Przhevalsky who first described the creature c.1880 after exploring central Asia - he also has a Gazelle named after him)
  18. Hydromel is a very old alcoholic drink made with fermented what? Honey (Greek hydro, water, and meli, honey - thought to have been the death of Attila the Hun - and separately part of the origin of the word honeymoon)
  19. In economics the Lorenz Curve is a graphical representation of typically: Wealth distribution/inequality; Inflation; Gold price; or Pet ownership? Wealth distribution/inequality (after US econimist Max Otto Lorenz, 1876-1959, who devised it in 1905 initially to describe income inequality, since when the principle is additionally extended to various distribution analyses including in business modelling and biodiversity, where distribution/production/incidence is shared unevenly in a group, as is sometimes also characterized in the Pareto 80/20 Rule)
  20. The flammable intoxicating compound Hydroxyethane (C2H6O) is better known as what chemical? Ethanol (or Ethyl achohol or Methylcarbinol)


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