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quizballs 241 - free general knowledge quiz - questions and answers for trivia quizzes and pub quizzes


  1. What Rome-founded fashion house and handbag specialist sponsored a 2m euro restoration of the Trevi Fountain in 2013? Fendi
  2. What famous line follows: "I think there be six Richmonds in the field. Five I have slain today, instead of him.."? "A horse! A horse! My kingdom for a horse!" (King Richard III's final line in Shakespeare's play of that name, just before Richard [in Shakespeare's version of the story] is killed by Henry Earl of Richmond, who was then on the battlefield crowned Henry VII)
  3. Bardiche, Bill, Glaive, Halberd, and Voulge are types of: Weaponry; Architectural stone feature; Country dance; or Cake decoration? Weaponry (types of polearm/axe - examination of Richard III's skull in 2013 indicated that he was killed by a blow from a halberd)
  4. The geographical terms motu (Polynesia), skerry (Ireland, Scotland), holme (Scandinavia), and cay (tropical Pacific/Atlantic/Indian oceans) each refers to a small: Waterfall; Lake; Inlet; or Island? Island (technically an islet, i.e., a small island - cay is an alternative word for key)
  5. The word apostle is derived from Greek 'apostolos' meaning: Servant; Messenger; Friend; or Soldier? Messenger (technically a messenger having responsibility of ambassador, representative, missionary, etc)
  6. Scoliosis affects which part of the body: Eyes; Spine; Skin; or Brain? Spine (it is a sideways curve, usually S-shaped, with various possible causes - Richard III suffered with this, rather than a 'hunchback')
  7. What did the Twitter bird logo lose when updated in 2012 from the original 2010 design: Crest and a wing feather; Eye; Tail feather; or Tweet-bubble? Crest and a wing feather
  8. Italian Jacopo Peri (1561-1633) is regarded as the inventor of: Ice-cream; Pizza; Sparkling Water; or Opera? Opera (he wrote Dafne, c.1597, considered the first ever opera, and the oldest surviving opera, Euridice, 1600)
  9. What is confit meat cooked and preserved in? Fat (typically confit meat is cooked and preserved in its own fat, especially goose and duck - the term is French, pronounced 'confee' and derives from French, confire (to preserve), from Latin conficere, to do/make - confusingly confit fruit is prepared and preserved in sugar)
  10. What chocolate, biscuit and raisin confection, otherwise known as 'fridge cake', is named after an Indian-English word for a light snack? Tiffin
  11. The Manganese Bronze company took over production of what famous vehicle from 1973-2012, first made in 1948? Black Taxicab (the London 'Hackney carriage')
  12. What is the extremely strong natural glucose-derived polymer of fungi cell walls, crustacean/insect exoskeletons, etc., also used in pharmacy and industry? Chitin
  13. What single iconic name is associated with a fried sandwich of peanut butter, banana and bacon? Elvis (Presley, who ate lots of them)
  14. Ikebana, English Garden, and High Style are styles of what? Flower arranging (or floristry - Ikebana is based on Japanese simplicity; English Garden is traditional English, radial, seasonal, abundant; High Style is boldly contemporary, non-symmetrical, often with exotic flowers)
  15. What singing voice originally held the melody in choral music: Soprano; Alto; Tenor; or Bass? Tenor (named because of this - from medieval Latin tenere - to hold)
  16. What sort of implement has a heel and toe and is characterized by variable features including kerf, gullet, fleam, rake, and points per inch? Saw (heel is the handle end; toe is the other end; kerf is the cut width; gullet is the valley between teeth points; fleam and rake refer to shape/angle of teeth; points per inch are teeth points per inch)
  17. The technical euphemism for the insemination of a mare by a stallion is: Cover; Discover; Uncover; or Kiss? Cover
  18. The term volte-face is alternatively informally called a: Dead-end; One-way street; Green light; or U-turn? U-turn (physically suddenly turning around to face the opposite direction, or completely reversing one's opinion, decision, or attitude - it's Italian voltafaccia, from volvere, roll, and facies, face)
  19. White Burley, Y1, Perique, Brightleaf and Criollo are types of what? Tobacco (Y1 was specially bred for high nicotine content in the late 1970s by Brown and Williamson, part of BAT Industries, and was cited by US authorities in the 1990s as evidence of corporate manipulation of cigarette nicotine levels and addictive potential)
  20. What is the female equivalent of the Oedipus complex in Jungian/Freudian psychosexual theory: Aphrodite; Athena; Electra; or Venus? Electra (see Freud's psychosexual theory within Erikson's psychosocial theory)


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