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quizballs 240 - free general knowledge questions for trivia quizzes and pub quizzes


  1. The word nexus refers to a: Collection; Compression; Correction; or Connection?
  2. What does a philogynist like?
  3. The Italian word pizza originally referred to a: Pie; Pancake; Tomato; or Cheese?
  4. The name of what workwear was derived from the Dongri area in South Mumbai India?
  5. According to the Holy Bible (Luke 2:21) Jesus was circumcized: At birth; Eight days old; Age eight; or Never?
  6. What Greek-based word is the second most important character in a drama, behind the protagonist?
  7. Which pottery pioneer produced 'creamware' and 'jasperware' in the mid-late 1700s?
  8. The Mexican-Spanish spelling of Mexico includes what diacritical mark over the E: Circumflex; Umlaut; Accent acute; or Accent grave?
  9. The musical terms glissando and portamento refer to: Sliding from one note to another; Echo or reverberation; Tremolo or trill; or Shrill and piercing?
  10. What is a saury fish, a captain, and a South African long-sleeved shirt?
  11. The Roman settlement of Arausio in SE France later became what significantly named town and subsequent principality/emblem in Dutch, English, southern African and Irish history?
  12. The 1940-50s US 'amtrac' military beach landing/assault vehicle is a portmanteau term combining which two words?
  13. Conflate means: Clarify; Obscure; Inflame; or Combine?
  14. How many points are on Twitter's 2012-introduced tweeting flying bird logo (wings, tail and beak)?
  15. Pithy refers to communications, notably spoken words, which are: Concise and impactful; Extensive and vague; Soft and sensitive; or Acidic and hurtful?
  16. Which notable leader won the 2009 Nobel Peace Prize?
  17. The Chicxulub crater is a prehistoric impact crater buried underneath the Yucatan Peninsula in what country?
  18. What Portuguese word for a frenzied homicidal Malay person entered English c.1600s referring especially to a 'running' rioting crowd?
  19. Andorra is a small principality located between which two countries?
  20. What eponymous 1969 theory blames organizations for promoting managers to levels at which they are incompetent?


quizballs 240 - free quiz answers for trivia quizzes and pub quizzes


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