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quizballs 239 - free general knowledge quiz - questions and answers for trivia quizzes and pub quizzes


  1. London's Savoy Hotel entrance roundabout provided the 25ft (8m) basis for a standard UK: Mini-roundabout; Black Cab turning-circle; Bus length; or Helipad? Black Cab turning-circle
  2. What ingredient causes a can of cola to sink in water, whereas a can of diet cola floats? Sugar (loads of it)
  3. (Before Jurassic Park) the word raptor technically refers to what sort of carnivorous creature: Lion; Dragon; Snake; or Bird? Bird (eagle, hawk, etc - from Latin raptor, plunderer, from rapt, seized)
  4. What slang word for a sailor derives from old Dutch meaning 'bed companion'? Matelot (from Dutch 'mattenoot', because sailors were characterized as sharing hammocks in pairs)
  5. The Latin term 'per capita' means 'for... The entire population; Each person; Paying customers; or Registered voters? Each person (equating to 'per head' or for each individual, in a stated grouping/population)
  6. What Anglicized French word for a sort of clothing derives from meaning 'doing the washing'? Lingerie (from 'linge' - 'washables' as in 'faire le linge', 'do the laundry', ultimately from lin, washable linen, before cotton underwear became widely available)
  7. Hircine refers to being like or related to what creature? Goat (from Latin hircus, he-goat)
  8. Pandeiro is a popular example of what in Brazil: Percussion; Dance; Food; or Horse? Percussion (it's a metal-framed tunable skin tambourine - said by some to be an unofficial national instrument of Brazil)
  9. The Republic of Upper Volta was renamed what (two-words) in 1984, meaning respectively 'men of integrity' and 'fatherland' in its two native languages? Burkina Faso
  10. Who was in 1907 the youngest Nobel Literature Prizewinner, and later declined a knighthood and UK Poet Laurateship? Rudyard Kipling
  11. Name the UK seaside town famous for jet stone, and whose St Mary's Church featured in Bram Stoker's Dracula? Whitby
  12. Where in the human body is the glottis? Larynx (or voice-box, or less specifically, throat)
  13. In physics, the elementary exchange particles ('gauge bosons') between quarks are called: Gluons; Addons; Stickons; or Clingons? Gluons
  14. The six soft alkali metals (lithium, sodium, potassium, rubidium, caesium, and francium) react with water to produce what gas? Hydrogen (they all float and burn on water too, although rubidium, caesium and especially francium explode very quickly and devastatingly - the burning/exploding is due to the volatility of hydrogen)
  15. Roughly what is the distance in miles (or km) from the Earth's surface to its centre/center?: 300, 900; 4,000; or 12,000? 4,000 (roughly 6,400km)
  16. In terms of actions, activities, projects, etc., the word hiatus means a: Conflict; Pause; Climax; or Crisis? Pause (or gap or suspension, from Latin hiare, gape - in medicine/human physiology hiatus may refer to a tissue weakness or tear, as in hiatus hernia)
  17. The Shoemaker-Levy 9 Comet broke up and impacted where, in 1994, to huge astronomical and media interest: Jupiter; Mars; The Sun; or Mexico? Jupiter (during 6 days, 21 huge meteor fragments impacted, many were over a mile wide - the power of these impacts is difficult to imagine - the largest was estimated at 600 times greater than the world's total nuclear arsenal, and created a debris-range exceeding 12,000km, virtually equating to the diamater of earth)
  18. What capital city is phonetically (sounds) the same as a traditional open-roofed Moroccan house and means 'the gardens/garden'? Riyadh (Saudi Arabia)/Riad (bonus point for correct spellings of both..)
  19. What is the only 'big cat' found wild in the Americas which roars? Jaguar
  20. Peripatetic refers to work which involves: Teaching; Travel; Medicine; or Writing? Travel (working in different places - see peripatetic meanings and origins in the business dictionary)


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