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quizballs 237 - free general knowledge quiz - questions and answers for trivia quizzes and pub quizzes


  1. In early 2013 where was a cat favourite/favorite to replace the shoe or the wheelbarrow? Monopoly (Hasbro's board game - the player tokens were subject to fan vote to replace one of the traditional pieces)
  2. What model number Boeing plane is called the Dreamliner (after being renamed in 2005)? 787
  3. Frettabladid is (early 2000s) the leading newspaper of which island nation? Iceland (Frettabladid means 'The Newspaper')
  4. ENSA referred to what type of support (bonus point, name the organization?) for British armed forces during the 2nd World War? Entertainment (stage performers, notably singers and comedians - Entertainments National Service Association)
  5. From the Greek words for inside and look at, what is the medical instrument which enables examination via a narrow tube inserted into the body? Endoscope (endo = inside, skopein = look at)
  6. Name the Utah USA salt flats famous for land-speed records and a Triumph motorbike model? Bonneville
  7. Which two of these are not among the six flavours/flavors of the elementary quark particle: up, down, strange, queer, charm, chance, bottom, top? Queer and Chance
  8. Name the notable 20thC US poet and short story author who wrote the stirring epigrammatic poem 'Late Fragment'? Raymond Carver (1938-88 - see the stirring Late Fragment)
  9. Spell: Pestillance; Pestilence; Pestillence; or Pestilance? Pestilence
  10. Daniel Hooper, a famous British protestor, is better known by what nickname, earned during his (literally) underground resistance to the Newbury bypass in 1996? Muddy; Boggy; Swampy; or Dirty? Swampy
  11. Operation Serval refers to France's military intervention in which former colony's civil war? Mali
  12. What is a serval: Cat; Dog; Monkey; or Snake? Cat (a medium-sized wild cat found in most of Africa south of the Sahara)
  13. In 2013, 29% of what meat was found in Tesco's value beefburgers: Goat; Wild boar; Dog; or Horse? Horse
  14. ECHR refers to which internationally significant legal institution? European Court of Human Rights
  15. An adult oyster can filter (up to) what volume of water per day: Two pints; Ten pints; Ten litres; or Fifty gallons? Fifty gallons (oysters consume unhelpful pollutants such as nitrates, phosphates, and bacteria; they expel solid waste pellets which decompose into the atmosphere as nitrogen)
  16. White chocolate consists of sugar, milk solids, salt, and specifically what other main ingredient? Cocoa butter
  17. How many countries border the Sargasso Sea: None; One; Two; or Three? None (it's in the central north Atlantic Ocean)
  18. Name the form of carbon considered (early 2000s) the strongest material ever, which having a thickness of one atom has just two dimensions? Graphene (predicted to offer massive world-changing technology opportunities)
  19. Eddy, vortex and gyre refer to what specific characteristic of fluid flow: Dangerous, Random; Rotating; or Sucking? Rotating
  20. What word referring to an organizational disaster derives from Venetian glass-blowing? Fiasco (see fiasco word origins)


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