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quizballs 236 - free general knowledge quiz - questions and answers for trivia quizzes and pub quizzes


  1. 'Il Duce' - subject of revivalist support in Italy in the 2000s - is better known by what name? Benito Mussolini (Fascist dictator of Italy 1930-1943)
  2. What often controversial medical research/treatment term derives from the Latin 'I shall be pleasing'? Placebo
  3. What's the world's oldest amateur rowing club (now at Henley-on Thames, UK) named after the Greek mythological lover of the priestess Hero, who drowned swimming the Hellespont to visit her? Leander
  4. Platter, j-bar, bum, button, and Poma are equivalent terms for what apparatus? Ski lift (a surface lift which drags users up a slope - the platter, on the end of a pole suspended from a circulating cable, is postioned between the legs, as if sitting lightly on it)
  5. The Métis are a substantial group of aboriginal people of which nation? Canada (generally of mixed European and First Nation descent, 'First Nation' being the pre-Columbian or indigenous people of Canada - pre-Columbian refers to the time before Columbus's contact with Americas, i.e., pre-1492, which opened the American continents to colonization by Europeans)
  6. What seabird is named from Norse 'stinking gull' because of vomiting when disturbed? Fulmar
  7. What traditional item of apparel (silk, cotton, or paper), used by hand, is named after an old French word for a head covering? Handkerchief (a kerchief was a fabric cover for the head, from Old French 'cuevrechief' = coverhead)
  8. In the study of anthropods, name the 'Three Ps' considered natural controls/suppressors of insect plague? Pathogens, Predators, Parasitoids (or less accurately, Parasites - actually anthropods include crustacia and spiders, etc - creatures with external skeletons and jointed limbs and appendages)
  9. The word scrutiny derives (early 15th century) from Latin 'scruta', a 'mixed uncertain lot of (what?)': Trash/old things; Legal papers; Gold/jewels; or People? Trash/old things (from Latin scrutari - the inspection and sorting of trash and junk)
  10. What was reported stolen from Microsoft's R&D offices in Silicone Valley in Dec 2012: MS Smartphones; MS Tablets; MS Code; or Apple iPads? Apple iPads (five of them)
  11. Glock pistols are made by which country? Austria
  12. Name the big inflatable sphere in which thrill-seeking people roll down hills and on water: Zorb; Zall; Borb; or Rolb? Zorb
  13. Endoscopic Retrograde Cholangio-Pancreatography (ERCP) is used in what field: Medicine; Geology; Engineering; or Archaeology? Medicine (ERCP is the examination of gall bladder and pancreatic ducts using a tube - the acronym is sometimes mischievously reinterpreted when a hospital patient dies soon after admission and before being 'clerked' by the ward doctor, requiring the admission notes to be written up restrospectively and late, hence: 'Emergency Retrograde Clerking of Patient')
  14. Spell the word: Catarrh; Catahrr; Catargh; or Catarrgh? Catarrh (from Greek kata, down, and rhein, flow)
  15. The term 'chamois' (informally 'shammy'), soft leather for cleaning/wiping/gloves/etc, is named after, and originally made from what sort of creature: Pig/boar; Mountain goat/antelope; River eel; or Cow? Mountain goat/antelope
  16. What sort of fastener has a crown, legs and teeth? Staple
  17. The historic (at 2012, three-branch-line) San Francisco cable car system comprises how many actual cables in total: Four; Forty; Four hundred; or Four thousand? Four (one for the California Street line, one each for the Powell-Hyde and Powell-Mason lines, and one for the common section of the latter two lines)
  18. What modern digital display term is an abbreviated portmanteau word from picture and element? Pixel
  19. What language was first to be represented in dictionaries and related language theory: Chinese; Latin; Hebrew; or Greek? Chinese (over two-thousand years ago)
  20. Extraversion/introversion, Conscientiousness, Agreeableness, Neuroticism, and Openness to experience and are the 'Big Five' dimensions of what popular acronymically-named personality analysis theory? OCEAN (see OCEAN in the personality theories guide)


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