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quizballs 235 - free general knowledge quiz - questions and answers for trivia quizzes and pub quizzes


  1. The organ called a gizzard in some birds, reptiles, and fish is a specialized: Stomach; Bladder; Liver; or Larynx? Stomach (enabling grinding of food, commonly using swallowed stones as an aid)
  2. Antipasto (plural antipasti) refers to what part of an Italian lunch/dinner: Before the meal; After the meal; Pasta sauce; or Sparkling wine? Before the meal (also the literal translation of antipasti)
  3. The term 'ex libris' is traditionally found on a label-plate indicating ownership of a: Coat; Book; Dog; or Shotgun? Book (literally 'out of the library of...' [name])
  4. What was the three-letter two-number prefix code in the full name of The Haçienda nightclub in Manchester UK? FAC51 (full name 'FAC51 The Haçienda' - FAC51 was its official designation in the Factory Records catalogue - Factory Records was owned by the band New Order, which also owned the nightclub)
  5. What two-colour/color pencil is traditionally used by editors of written/text copy (word-based material for publication)? Blue and Red (blue at one end and red at the other - blue/red for various reasons including contrast with traditionally black text; invisibility in different reproduction methods; and different sorts of edits)
  6. The terms 'disbudding' and 'polled' refer to the removal/absence of what on livestock? Horns
  7. Spell the word: Irepairable; Irreparable; Irrepairable; Irreperable (meaning cannot be fixed)? Irreparable
  8. The traditional proofreading mark of a wavy line beneath a passage of text gives instruction to change it to: Italic; Bold; Capitals; or Highlighted? Bold
  9. The crossword clue '1= Day in the Life of Ivan Denisovich' gave rise to what common puzzle format? Ditloid (see ditloid puzzles)
  10. Roman official Appius Claudius 'the blind' Caecus, c.340-273BC, responsible for Via Appia, the first modern road, famously coined what phrase (in Latin 'Quisque faber suae fortunae'): Diligence is the mother of good fortune; Every man is the architect of his own fortune; Fortune favours/favors the brave; or A hostage to fortune? Every man is the architect of his own fortune
  11. 'At the Castle Gate', from Jean Sibelius's incidental music work Pelléas et Mélisande, is the theme music for which TV show, on air from 1957-2013 and the longest running in history featuring the same presenter? The Sky at Night (presented by Patrick Moore, 1923-2012, spanning seven decades)
  12. Mariachi is a style of Mexican 'street (what?)': Cooking; Music; Fighting; or Flower-borders? Music (street folk music - the type seen often in movies with a uniformed group of strolling guitar/violin players - the word derives [OED says] from Mexican Spanish meaning 'street singer')
  13. What does the abbreviation SMS stand for in relation to texting? Short Messaging Service (or Short Message Service - see SMS acronym for origins and background)
  14. Apocryphal means: Obviously true; Obviously untrue; Said to be true but probably not; Actually true but said to be not? Said to be true but probably not (from The Apocrypha - writings related to the Holy Bible but generally not given any credence)
  15. What is the four-letter Russian translation of the Soviet Union abbreviation 'USSR'? CCCP (standing for 'Union of Soviet Socialist Republics' in the Russian Cyrillic language)
  16. What do these creatures have in common: bison, salmon, sheep, grouse, and deer? Singular and plural are the same (or any answer to that effect)
  17. In language the term ellipsis refers to missing/omitted what? Words (usually for reasons of dramatic effect, impact, to avoid clumsy repetition, or simply to save space and educe the amount of text, which is usually indicated by three dots replacing the missing words, inside quote marks, for example, the OED defines ellipsis as "...omission from a speech or writing of words...understood from context..." from Ancient Greek elleipein, leave out - another example is the sentence "Up to you," where the 'It's' is omitted)
  18. The Sargasso Sea is named after a: Wind; Fish; Greek god; or Seaweed? Seaweed (Sargassum seaweed, brown with air sacs, is found floating abundantly in the Sargasso Sea, which is in the central north Atlantic Ocean)
  19. Scrying commonly entails the use of a: Dough ball; Golf ball; Crystal ball; or Ballroom? Crystal ball (a scryer is a fortune-teller or medium - from Old French descrier, to proclaim or publish)
  20. What portmanteau word refers to a symbol used to convey a mood or feeling in phone/computer communications? Emoticon


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