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quizballs 232 - free general knowledge quiz - questions and answers for trivia quizzes and pub quizzes


  1. What internet/computing term derives from Old Norse hlekkr, related to Old German gelenk, meaning joint? Link
  2. What letter and colour/color denote the national motorway network roads/signs of Germany's Bundesautobahnen (BAB 'federal expressways') (two answers required)? A and Blue
  3. What medical Latin term, literally means 'stiffness of death'? Rigor Mortis (which interestingly lasts between one and four days, not indefinitely as many believe - the same root word rigor gives us rigor/rigour in US/UK-English meaning strictness, severity, thoroughness, etc)
  4. The famous Castilian military leader Rodrigo Diaz de Vivar (1043-99) is better known by what name? El Cid (fully El Cid Campeador - 'the lord-master of military arts' - commander and leader of Moorish/Christian forces, ultimately in the fiefdom of Valencia, in Moorish 'Spain' as was)
  5. Banana Island is the most expensive property in a special edition of monopoly based on which Nigerian city? Lagos (Nigeria's capital city until replaced by Abuja in 1991)
  6. In 2012 Shinzo Abe became which nation's eighth prime ministerial appointment in six years, 2006-12? Japan (Abe served first as PM in 2006-7. Seven presidents have held the role between 2006-12.)
  7. PSV (Polished Stone Value) is a technical measurement term used by: Jewellers; Architects; Archaeologists; or Roadbuilders? Roadbuilders (PSV rating of crushed stone aggregate [stone chips/gravel] indicates resistance to polishing by vehicle tyres/tires - polished surfaces allow more skidding - high PSV rating = high resistance to polish and longer-lasting safety of road surface - on the subject of tyres/tires see the Businessballs tree swing cartoons)
  8. What, having extremes of 'thick' and 'thin', is the measure of a fluid's internal friction/resistance under stress? Viscosity
  9. Eugenics refers to optimizing: Animal pedigree; Human population genetics; Plant disease resistance; or Anti-freeze technology? Human population genetics (technically eugenics is the bio-social advocation of improving the genetic composition of a living population, typically humans via selective breeding)
  10. Name the famous guitarist whose collaboration with the Gibson company produced their first and eponymous solid electric guitar in 1952? Les Paul
  11. What rejection is shared by LS Lowry, John Lennon; Philip Larkin, Benjamin Zephaniah, and Danny Boyle? Chivalric order; US-visa; Blood donation; or Driving licence? Chivalric order (they all refused a UK knighthood or other title of the British Empire - Lennon initially accepted and later returned his MBE)
  12. Visceral refers to a human response of what sort: Intellectual; Group; Violent; or Internal? Internal (a bodily 'felt' emotion or feeling or reaction, like a 'gut feeling', from Latin viscus, internal organs)
  13. Name Facebook's photo-app company which controversially announced it would begin commercially exploiting users' photos/content on a no-fee no-permission basis with effect from 16 Jan 2013? Instagram
  14. The name Benedict, as used by popes, etc., is from the Latin meaning: The Blessed; The Wise; The Old; or The Wine-loving? The Blessed
  15. Cosmetology refers to study/profession in what field: Space; Puzzles/Games; International Culture; or Beauty/Hair? Beauty/Hair (from French cosmetique and earlier Greek kosmein/kosmos, arrange/adornment)
  16. What is Mexico's largest state, and also a famously small dog breed? Chihuahua
  17. Optics is a branch of physics specifically concerning: Waves; Light; Radiation; or Lenses? Light
  18. In what two modern countries was the Roman province of Lusitania? Portugal and Spain (all Portugal except far north, and adjoining Spanish mid-western region/autonomous community of Extremadura)
  19. What expression referring to admitting a mistake, humility and shame, derives from an old English peasant dish made with the offal of a deer? Eat humble pie (a distortion of umble pie - umbles or numbles referred particularly to deer offal, from French, and originally Latin lumbulus = loin - see eat humble pie)
  20. The globally widely used Wechsler Scale assesses what in children: Genetic predisposition to disease; Bone growth; Intelligence; or Teeth formation? Intelligence (IQ specifically - intelligence is a debatable term here - see for example Howard Gardner's Multiple Intelligence Theory)


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