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quizballs 229 - free general knowledge quiz - questions and answers for trivia quizzes and pub quizzes


  1. What is the common name of the plant, Nepeta cataria, which attracts cats? Catmint or Catnip
  2. Even-toed ungulates and odd-toed ungulates refer to animals whose feet usually are: Hoofed; Webbed; Clawed; or Padded? Hoofed (ungulated refers mainly to hoofed feet)
  3. What mythical god has a hammer called Miolnir (or Mjölnir, or other variants)? Thor (Norse god of thunder)
  4. What colour/color is a palamino horse: Black; White; Grey; or Gold with a white main/tail? Gold with a white main/tail
  5. In 1515 the Court of Aldermen of the City of London established what trade as top (based on economic/political power) of an enduring list of livery companies: Mercers; Goldsmiths; Drapers; or Vintners? Mercers (a mercer is a general merchant - livery companies are now mostly charitable associations - originally they were powerful trade associations, called 'livery' because members wore distinctive costumes on special occasions - the word 'livery', referrring to a uniform or special clothing, derived from the practice of employers giving or 'delivering' uniforms to staff/servants - this derivation extends to the modern word livery in stables)
  6. In astronomy, the Ptolemaic system asserts that Earth is: Universally Central; Stationary and Flat; Spinning around the Moon; or Spinning around the Sun? Universally Central (and also stationary, but not flat)
  7. Litmus, used in acidity testing, is extracted from: Rock; Insects; Milk; or Lichen? Lichen (notably Roccella tinctoria)
  8. The term Zealotry originally referred to people of which religion? Judaism (more loosely, Jewish - notably a militant Jewish sect in the 1st century engaged in violence against Roman occupation of the ancient Kingdom of Israel)
  9. The terms: sine, cosine, tangent, hypotonuse, adjacent and opposite feature in which branch of mathematics? Trigonometry
  10. What is the English name/translation of the 'cire purdue' process of bronze casting? Lost Wax (in which wax, around a clay core, is melted and drained, enabling a hollow casting to be produced)
  11. Auger, reel, fan, sieves, stripper-beater, and cutter-bar are parts of what large piece of machinery? Combine harvester
  12. Name the steel-driving railway worker from US folklore who raced and beat a newly introduced steam-powered hammer, but died after his efforts? John Henry
  13. The Poise (pronounced 'pwahz', it's French) is a unit of measuring: Viscosity; Purity; Sweetness; or Stillness? Viscosity (more exactly, dynamic viscosity)
  14. What prefix joins with the following words, referring to different creatures: Lion, Cow, Horse, and Cucumber? Sea
  15. The Ottoman Empire (1299-1922) is otherwise defined as the empire of what modern nationality? Turkish
  16. The literary term 'graphic novel' refers to a novel characterized essentially by: Sex; Pictures; Handwriting; or Electronic display? Pictures (rather like a sophisticated long-form book-bound comic, although having serious literary merit)
  17. What branch of alternative medicine using natural oils derives its name from ancient Greek for spice? Aromatherapy
  18. The New Model Army and The Levellers were groups in which war? English Civil War (1642-51)
  19. A graviton is a term in: Physics; Law; Funeral services; or Winter sports? Physics (a graviton is a hypothetical particle having gravitational energy - technically a 'spin 2 boson')
  20. What two expressions, each meaning an irreversible decision or 'no turning back', originate from a tactical river crossing by Julius Caesar's army in 49BC (two answers required, and a clue for one of them: the Latin is 'jacta alea est')? Cross the Rubicon and The die is cast (see Cross the Rubicon and The die is cast in cliches origins)


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