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quizballs 227 - free general knowledge quiz - questions and answers for trivia quizzes and pub quizzes


  1. Clawhammer is a playing style most often associated with which instrument? Banjo
  2. Accounting for c.30% of total global tax revenues, what form of tax did France introduce in 1954, W Germany 1968, UK 1973 and China 1984? VAT (Value Added Tax)
  3. What make of aircraft is considered the first jet to fly: Heinkel; Nakajima; Lockheed; or English Electric Canberra? Heinkel (Heinkel He178 prototype of the Luftwaffe, German Air Force, Aug 1939)
  4. Giacomo Casanova (1725-98) is reported to have used what fruit as a contraceptive? Lemon ("a half, squeezed, strategically placed.." apparently)
  5. The process by which cardinals meet to elect a new Pope is called the Papal (what?): Enclave; Conclave; Exclave; or Autoclave? Conclave
  6. What isotope does radiocarbon dating use (element-isotope number)? Carbon-14 (used to date remains up to 60,000 years old, based on the known decay rate of carbon-14, which begins after death in organic carbon-containing materials such as plants and creatures, whose carbon-14 decay can be compared with calibrated or estimated historic levels)
  7. Broadly when was the Industrial Revolution: 1650-1750; 1700-1800; 1750-1850; or 1800-1900? 1750-1850
  8. Who suggested the metaphor that, "When you sit with a pretty girl for two hours it seems a minute, but sit on a hot stove for a minute and it seems two hours..." and to explain what? (two answers required) Albert Einstein - Relativity
  9. What famous French film production/newsreel brand, established in 1896, was the first major movie corporation? Pathé (Pathé Frères - Pathé Bothers)
  10. 'The Continental Army' became what in 1784? The United States Army (The Continental Army, comprising the original thirteen founding colonies of what was to become the USA, was formed in 1775 following the start of the American Revolutionary War, against Great Britain)
  11. A panopticon is a: Powerful telescope; Building; Fire-engine; or Fairground-ride? Building (specifically a late 1700s prison concept - very few of which were built, although many prisons have used adapted principles - where a central control point in an atrium can observe outer cells in a circular walled construction - conceived by English social philosopher Jeremy Bentham - the word also represents the idea of secret observation of inmates or human subjects, now extending to modern CCTV in wider society - from Greek pan, all, and Latin/Greek opticus/optikos, seen)
  12. Name the earliest (post-gamete) developmental stage of the human embryo: Zygote; Sperm; Ovum; or Gametocyte? Zygote (basically a sperm and ovum, each a gamete, join to make a zygote; a gametocyte is a cell which itself divides to produce two gametes)
  13. What country has the internet top level domain (TLD) suffix .za? South Africa (derived from Dutch for South Africa, Zuid-Afrika - Dutch was the early official colonial language of SA, before Afrikaans, a daughter of and very similar language to Dutch, it developed in SA during and since colonization)
  14. Who is the famous husband of the also famous Chinese singer Peng Liyuan? Xi Jinping (General Secretary of the Chinese Communist Party, appointed Nov 2012 - half a point for his title only, or words to similar effect e.g., Chinese head of state, leader of China, etc)
  15. The meteorological terms 'veering' and 'backing' refer to winds changing direction in what ways (two answers required)? Clockwise and Anti-clockwise (bonus point for the correct order)
  16. The doing of what sort of puzzles does the term cruciverbalism refer to? Crosswords (from Latin for cross and word)
  17. Scottish physicist James Dewar (1842-1923) lost a legal case to which German company for the rights to his invention of what, (named eponymously and alternatively after both claimants) - two answer required, the German company and the product? Thermos (GmbH) and Vacuum flask (or Thermos flask, or Dewar flask)
  18. Kraton, Salvia and 4-MEC are: Computer viruses; Star Trek planets; Russian cars; or Recreational drugs? Recreational drugs (popular synthesized 'legal highs', at 2012)
  19. What term refers to the (typically prehistoric) method of attaching a sharp stone or bone, etc., to a stick or strap to make a tool or weapon: Hafting; Shafting; Grafting; Crafting; or Rafting? Hafting
  20. 'The Law of the Instrument' referring to having just one 'tool' (i.e., approach or method) and so treating every situation the same is known popularly as 'Maslow's (what)'? Hammer (Other writers have made similar observations, but 'Maslow's Hammer' is probably the most widely referenced - it is from Maslow's 1966 book The Psychology of Science - A Reconnaissance: "I suppose it is tempting, if the only tool you have is a hammer, to treat everything as if it were a nail.." See more about the brilliance and modern relevance of Abraham Maslow.)


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