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quizballs 225 - free general knowledge quiz - questions and answers for trivia quizzes and pub quizzes


  1. In terms of Skyfall product placement what watch brand does James Bond wear? Omega
  2. What is Africa's 2nd-largest country, abbreviated to DRC? Democratic Republic of the Congo
  3. Totnes in Devon UK campaigned successfully in 2012 to repel what global beverage chain from establishing in its high street? Costa Coffee
  4. Which actress eclipsed Michael Jackson in 2011 as the world's highest-earning dead entertainer (largely due to an auction and a perfume)? Elizabeth Taylor (according to Forbes - incidentally the perfume brand is White Diamonds, by Elizabeth Arden)
  5. Likud, meaning 'the consolidation', is the leading conservative political party (at 2012) of which country? Israel
  6. The word milieu refers to a person's: Size; Social environment; Mood; or Professional skills? Social environment (from French mi, mid, and lieu, place)
  7. What sort of creature is a zorilla: Striped polecat; Fish; Parrot; or Domesticated gorilla? Striped polecat (Ictonyx striatus, or zoril, zorille - it's African, from the weasel family, like a skunk, and according to Guinness World Records the most foul-smelling of all creatures)
  8. What are the three most widely spoken Slavic languages (one point each)? Russian, Polish, Ukranian (in order of popularity)
  9. Spell the word: Peurile; Puerile; Pureile or Purile? Puerile (childishly silly or immature - from Latin puer, boy)
  10. Joanna Shields, Facebook's Head of Europe Middle East and Africa, left in 2012 to work for: The CIA; Google; Microsoft; or The British Government? The British Government (specifically the Tech City Investment Organisation, part of the UK Government's Trade and Investment department - to develop the Old Street area of London, 'Silicon Roundabout', into a globally renowned computer technology/innovation/business area of excellence)
  11. What sort of musical instrument is a cabasa: Wind; String; Percussion; or Electronic? Percussion (it's a sort of shaker, employing loops of steel ball chain around a ridged cylinder)
  12. The 2,500th anniversary of whose birth was celebrated in China in 1949? Confucius
  13. The suffix 'itis' refers medically and etymologically from Greek to: Infection; Inflammation; Pain; or Illness? Inflammation
  14. What creature is the 1940-50s TV puppet character Muffin? Mule
  15. In what sport do Indian states and city teams compete for the Ranji Trophy? Cricket
  16. What does HOV stand for in the context of road traffic/passenger/environmental-impact law? High Occupancy Vehicle (by which car-sharing enables cars to use clearer faster HOV traffic lanes)
  17. The human brain represents roughly what percentage of the body's resting metabolic rate (energy expended): 1; 3, 5, or 20? 20%
  18. What chemical elements occupy Atomic Numbers 1, 2 and 3 in the Periodic Table (1 point for each, and a bonus point for the correct order)? Hydrogen, Helium, Lithium
  19. Lebanese-American professor/author Nassim Taleb coined the term '(What colour/color What creature?)' referring to an unpredictable random event that has a vast societal/political/economic impact? Black Swan (see Black Swan in the business dictionary)
  20. What word prefixes funding and sourcing in creating modern terms for extending ownership and responsibility to a 'user' community? Crowd (see crowdfunding and crowdsourcing)


quizballs 225 - free quiz questions only for trivia quizzes and pub quizzes


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