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quizballs 222 - free general knowledge quiz - questions and answers for trivia quizzes and pub quizzes


  1. New York artist Vincent Castiglia is noted for painting with what unconventional substance? Blood (his own)
  2. What is the Anglicized French word for fabric woven or knit from thin ribbons of metallic yarns, much loved by sci-fi costume designers and cabaret divas? Lamé (from Latin lamina, layer)
  3. What natural foodstuff in Alsace, France, became unnaturally blue and green in 2012, apparently due to a nearby M&Ms factory? Honey
  4. The UK-based multinational media/advertising corporation Hibu plc was previously named and retains branding based on which colour/color? Yellow (Yell and Yellow Pages - was Yell Group plc)
  5. Skip James, Willie Dixon, Robert Johnson and Son House are early exponents of: Pop art; Blues music; Spin-bowling; or Clothes design? Blues music
  6. Traditionally the number of cuff buttons on a western-style man's jacket/blazer are determined by: Formality; Cost; Colour/color; or Design house? Formality (More buttons generally reflect more formality, for example formal business suits tend to have four buttons; less formal suits have three; casual jackets and sports jackets tend to have two or one)
  7. What French magazine was first to publish naked pictures of the Duchess of Cambridge in 2012? Closer
  8. The popular abbreviated TED talks website and conference organization stands for what three words: Technology, Entertainment, Design
  9. What global retailer is associated with the late 1990s slogan "Chuck out your chintz"? IKEA
  10. What is a UAV more commonly called, alluding to a male bee and its sound, and also to robotics? Drone (UAV = unmanned aerial vehicle)
  11. What company/brand has been the most frequent official timekeeper of Olympic games in the 1900s and early 2000s? Omega
  12. Scientists announced in 2012 that more than 1,000 of what creatures (formica lugubris) had been fitted with tiny radio transmitters to study the species: Rats, Bats; Cats; or Ants? Ants (the Hairy Northern Wood Ant to be precise - common in Europe and Asia - study in Derbyshire UK)
  13. The outlawing and monitoring of human self-bone-breaking and self-mutilation became a priority where in 2012: Beijing prison; London Paralympics; Las Vegas Illusionists Convention; or Roedean Girls' School? London Paralympics
  14. In writing or speech the Latin term 'non sequitur' means 'It does not (what?)': Matter; Count; Follow; or End? Follow (in logic and the law, non sequitur basically refers to a conclusion which is false or unsupported by its argument - in comedy non sequitur refers to a bizarre illogical punchline - see non sequitur in the business dictionary)
  15. What global brand withdrew ('rested') its old red-jacketed striding man 104 years after its first appearance in 1908? Johnnie Walker (whisky)
  16. Put these art-forms in order of oldest (evidence found) first: Textiles, Painting, Ceramics, Mosaic? Painting, Textiles, Ceramics, Mosaic (as at 2012, cave painting has been dated earliest, in Spain, at c.40,000BC - becoming very widespread 35,000-14,000BC, effectively ceasing by 10,000BC. The oldest textiles, of dyed flax, were found in the Republic of Georgia, dated c.34,000BC. Ceramics are considered to have begun c.27,000BC. Mosaics have been dated earliest at around 2,500BC.)
  17. What word from French is a small maneuverable warship and iconic Chevrolet sports car? Corvette
  18. Which city saw: the assassination which started World War I; the 1984 Winter Olympics; and during 1992-96 the longest wartime siege in modern times? Sarajevo (now capital of Bosnia and Herzegovina)
  19. Hallertauer, Saaz, Cascade, and East Kent Goldings are varieties of what alcoholic drink ingredient? Hops (for beer - Hallertauer is German, Saaz is Bohemian/Czech, Cascade is American, and East Kent Goldings is English)
  20. Name the five bean varieties in Heinz 'Five Beanz'? (one point per correct bean - strict quizmasters/mistresses might stipulate a maximum of five answers) Haricot, Pinto, Cannellini, Borlotti, Red Kidney


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